Customizable Birthday Parties

Not all birthday parties are created equal and really, why should they be?  Today was as great example, as the client requested the theme of “Shark Week!”

HammerHead Balloon Shark

Shark Week - Hammer Head Balloon Shark

The birthday boy had a favorite shark, the Hammer Head! Therefore, ahead of time, I created a special 8 foot shark just for him and that was what he got at the beginning of the party. Then for the next 2 hours the guests were treated to their favorite Under the Sea creations.

When it comes to Extreme Balloon Creations, it really comes down to what you want to create that special memory that will make your party last a lifetime in the memory of  your guests. Tonight, after the sugar finally runs it’s course through their adolescent brains, dreams of huge sea creatures made from balloons will fill their heads and the legends will grow as they head to school on Monday.

Discuss the options with your entertainer and design each event to fit your needs. If your entertainer won’t do this, then you have the wrong one!  Call Vynn Credible and let me design your special event so that it will Rock!

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