Ok I finally did it and it was actually quite fun and not as bad as I thought it would be.  A few weeks ago I got a call from Scott Barhold and he was telling about a magic show that he was booking and that there was a request for Santa Claus to make an appearance. I realize that although I may not be the real one, I did make one heck of a “helper” since he can’t be everywhere at one time.

Scott and I showed up on time as usual and walked into a house that looked more like a mansion from the beginning shot of a Miami Vice episode except that it was sitting on a beautiful nook of Melbourne Beach. We were shuttled into the guest quarters to get ready for the show in the main home. Scott headed out to showcase his very polished close up routine as I prepped and got ready for my grand entrance.

The kids were very excited as I appeared from what seemed like no where with our magical entrance. After seeing that, they were ready to believe in the magic of the season. Even the moms all got into the holiday spirit as they too lined up to have their pictures taken with Santa. We all had a great time, especially when Santa started handing out the gifts to all the children at the holiday party.

I’m not sure why everyone expected Scott to be magically turned into Santa, but that seemed to be another one of the biggest surprises for the audience as no one even noticed me slipping into the party. Scott and I had a good laugh about this Holiday Show as we headed to Smokey Bones for a quick bite to eat before heading home. Merry Christmas to everyone and Happy Holidays!

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