Green Screen Photo Booth

What types of events are best?


Every Major Holiday of the Year


Birthdays to Anniversaries


Prom to Home Coming

our expertise

Fast printing

Once the print button is pressed, your 4x6 Glossy Print is professionally completed and handed to you to keep

tons of backgrounds

Forget about Waldo, where do you want to be? We can place you anywhere in the world, make you a race car champ, football player, adventure seeker, on the cover of any magazine...I'm running out of space here but I think you get the idea!

Professional experience

You won't have to do anything but pose for the picture. We take care of the rest and make it the most pleasurable and most entertaining of any photo experience you will ever have! Pick a fun prop or ask us to help get you ready, it's our pleasure!

companies we've worked with

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