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The Name Says It All...Vynn Credible!!

Halloween Balloon Twisting Party in Florida

It may be time for a change if bobbing for apples and sticking your had in a bag of grapes and spaghetti just doesn’t entertain your Halloween guests anymore and you are trying to find ways to make your Halloween party a memorable event. Hiring an extreme balloon artist is the new craze and if you think that a one balloon animal is what balloon twisting is all about then you have another thing coming. Check out this 21 balloon skeleton creation that I made this afternoon. This received a 3 Screams out of 3 as all of my daughters went crazy when they saw this. In fact, 2 of them left their bikes in the middle of the driveway when they came running over to get their picture taken with “Skully” and me as I walked out of the house!  Notice how they haven’t even taken off their helmets.    :)

Skully the Skeleton

21 Balloon Skeleton

If this is the type of excitement you would like your guests to have, then call me so we can design the type of program that you would need to fulfill your events. I have a team of Extreme Balloon Artists that can fulfill any size event. Scary balloon decor, large balloon creatures and multi-balloon creations of all shapes and sizes or balloon arches, balloon dresses and even large full scale motorcycles and cars that people can fit inside for original photo opportunities.

Behind the Scenes of a Florida Entertainer

I’ve been trying to think of why someone would want to follow my Blog. Let me know what you would like to see posted here as I develop this into a weekly posting that will have pictures and videos as well as my thoughts and wonderings. My thoughts are that this will have to be something that is posted on more of a weekly platform that will give you insight into my gigs that are coming up and ones that I have completed. Also, I will teach you a few things along the way that could be fun for you to amaze your friends, win a bet at the bar or something to amaze your friends and family. These are all things that may get you bit by the same bug that got me started.

This should also be an interactive and fun place to ask questions or just keep in touch. I’ve been getting requests to post tutorials for some of my original balloon creations as well, so this will be a place for you to learn some cool twisting techniques as well. Please click the “LIKE” button on the bottom of this post and each one that you like to help me know what you would like to see more of and then drop a quick line.

I am now a member of The Society of American Magicians. Other than getting a discount on my liability insurance, I look forward to getting yet another monthly publication called MUM (Magic Unity Might) that I can use to advance my knowledge of the art and keep on top of magic trends in the business. Yes, the Magic Bob I do also get MAGIC. Speaking of cool magazines, my friend the Velvet Rhino showed me a cool magazine called Balloon Magic that I subscribed to which will elevate my balloon art to yet another level.

This Friday from 6-9 come to downtown Melbourne for the 2nd Friday Fest that goes on each month. If you missed us at the Art Festival last week, then you probably heard about us. We’ve been booked to attend on a monthly basis now to come and impress the masses and that is what we intend on doing. Balloon art has never been this entertaining and will definitely raise your expectation when booking your next event. Magic Mike, The Velvet Rhino and Vynn Credible will light the street on fire…well not exactly, at least not unless some guy tries to light a cigarette again behind the Rhino after he’s been at Taco Bell. Come down anyway and join in the fun. Just look for the crowd around us on Main Street near 8 Traxx.

Keep in touch, let me know what you think, stay tuned and as soon as Brandon Smith brings back my video camera I will begin shooting some more cool videos. Go to Vynn Credible’s YouTube Channel and subscribe to stay up to date on my latest videos.

Corporate Family Event Day & Company Picnics

In Florida the summer is drawing to a close, which means more outside events are being planned to take advantage of the beautiful cools fall days that we have learned to appreciate from the grueling hot summer we just experienced. These events are a great time to relax and spend some quality time with each other, meet our coworkers families and watch the kids enjoy themselves. What better way to liven up these events than with a professional balloon twister or better yet a whole team of them! Vynn Credible specializes in these events and can make your event a special day to remember. My team of highly trained experts can do large scale balloon decor, all the way down to a one man birthday party balloon twister. Do not be fooled when I say “a one man birthday party balloon twister” because when I am your balloon twister, you are getting a highly skilled artist with years of experience in the art of balloon twisting entertainment. Our team of twisters have done decorating events for weddings, cruise ships and private events as well as extreme twisting for many large corporate grand openings and special events.

Look for Vynn Credible and his team at some upcoming corporate events this fall for Health First and Kennedy Space Center Federal Credit Union to name a few. Of course there are also many private events already being booked with all the holidays coming up, so I urge you to not wait too long because we can’t be in two places at the same time!

Full Size Balloon Motorcycle

Balloon Motocycle Creates Buzz!!


I have searched the web high and low for some help on making a full size motorcycle out of balloons. However, there is nothing. There is one high speed video of Barak Daran on every video blog site out there, however he really doesn’t show you how to make it like the title claims. The video is only 1 minute and 6 seconds. It did inspire me to give it try though.

Balloon Chopper

I don’t have a little stool yet and I like the idea that making it around the stool would allow for people to actually sit on the motorcycle and have their picture taken. Next time, I will add fenders which would add some more color to it. This was more of prototype that was made out of Qualatex 260s. Next time I will make most of the frame and back wheel out of 350s. That just means that the bike will be a bit larger. Now that I know how I will make the bike, I can’t wait to get the bigger balloons and make this monster.


Vynn Credible's Motorcycle Design

What I have in mind is to get sponsored by a motorcycle shop to come in and build one of these in the middle of their showroom floor. As a dealer, I feel that you will get more bang for your buck than an expensive newspaper add because the local paper will pick up on this original idea and snap pictures of your shop and the crowd gathering to watch.

The bike is quite large already and will be life like in size with the addition of the larger framework that I have planned, along with the stool to allow patrons and future patrons to sit for photos. Also, for a slightly increased fee you will also be able to have another member of my balloon team twisting balloons for the kids to take home after watching this event.

Book me soon as Daytona Bike Week is right around the corner. Biketober Fest will be very original with people coming to the motorcycle shop with Vynn Credible designing your very own Balloon Work of Art!

Happy 1st Birthday AJ

I wanted to send a huge thanks out to AJ who honored with by allowing me to perform at his birthday party. The best part was when he helped me turn his Dad into a rabbit! The best part for me was the interaction from the children. They were all outstanding, great helpers and of course excellent assistants. Each and everyone of them will enjoy their magic trick that they received and with adult supervision, they can watch the video explanation of how to do their magic trick that they all received.

Father & Son at 1st birthday!

Great food, outstanding music and of course fabulous entertainment. Everyone laughed and had a great time, even Andy.

Contagious Laughter

Next year we will bring in the big cooling fans from the NFL games! If you were there then you know what I mean. It was 97 degrees with a “feel like” temperature of 110! I felt like jumping in Lake Washington but decided that I would just wait to get home and jump in my pool. This was a hot weekend, however I had a great time and would like to thank all of you that attended. Don’t forget to click on the side of this page and rate my performance at your party. Thanks and see you next year!

Birthdays, Bikinis, Balloons and Palm Trees

Everyone had fun at this party from the young to old and everyone in between. The giant water slide kept everyone cool and I made them all look cool. We had plenty of balloon hats from elephants, monkeys, giraffes, princesses, super heros, villains, and this unique invention that was dreamed up on the spur of the moment. They wanted a hat that would connect them all together, so I suggested that they each be part of the base of a palm tree that would interconnect them all.

Private Balloon Island for these Swimmers to Share!

As you can see they were all great tree anchors! It was especially fun watching them try to walk around after being connected. They actually did quite well and I was impressed.

End of Summer Blow Out!

The top 5 Reasons to Party in the last 6 months of the year

1. Christmas

2. Halloween

3. End of Summer/Back to School

4. Labor Day

5. Thanksgiving

This is a reminder that we are heading into the last 6 months of the year which are the busiest months of the year for the best entertainers in the business.  I’m sure that you won’t want to settle for what’s left so book now and put that worry to rest.

From family shows that are at home or corporate and business holiday events, there is a show for everyone. Custom shows for special Sweet 16 parties, graduations, business engagements as well as strolling magic and balloon decor can be customized for each individual event.

Plan early and book often! See you soon!

Elvis Should Leave the Building

Sometimes you just can’t pass up a great deal. Two for the price of one is a great deal. Half price Wednesdays are a good deal. 10 cent wings are an outstanding deal. 5 dent drafts are a dangerous deal!  Heck I used to drive miles when I was in college and knew exactly where to go every night of the week  just to find these deals on food and drinks. When it comes to entertainment though…Beware of the Deals!  Simple reason for this is that you get what you pay for, and that is exactly what happened when the Super Flea in Melbourne hired this act….Flea Market Elvis or Flelvis as his faithful fan calls him. All kidding aside, the point is, knowing what you are paying for ahead of time can sometimes be difficult especially when hiring a live performer. Check out the videos they have to post and see if this is what you would like at your event. Pay close attention to how the audience is reacting or not reacting and imagine this being your event. If this is the reaction you are looking for then you are probably choosing the right entertainer. Watch the audience in the video below to see what I am referring too. Good luck, have fun and I’ll see you at your next successful event!

Balloons for a 95th Birthday Party!

Happy Birthday Cooie!

Every now and again someone says they are too old for balloons.  Can someone really be too old for balloons or too mature for a balloon?  The only thing I can figure is they need to get the extra starch out of their briefs and let themselves have some fun.  Recently,  I made balloons for a 95th Birthday Party!  So, I guess everybody under 95 is still eligible for balloons until I get someone asking for a balloon that is over the age of 95!

Monkey on Palm Tree for 95 year old!

Your never too old to have Fun

Balloon Creations for All Events!

So the next time you see your local balloon twister, stop by his booth, wave him over to your table, call him up and book him for your own home party or most importantly remember…you are never too old to have fun.  Just because you are too old to be considered a kid doesn’t mean you still can’t be a kid a heart.

When planning a party there are many things that we know you must take into account when trying to prepare that perfect event. For instance, making sure we have the cake and ice cream ready, party favors at the ready and games ready to play are some that we often think of first. What I would like to like to remind you about are the often overlooked ones that can really throw  a wrench into your whole time table if you would happen to forget them.

Birthday Wish

5. Scheduled time the Entertainer will appear should be approximately 1 hour after the party starts. This will account for late arrivals to your party and take away the stop in the show or the entertainment.

4. Have a list ready with someone who will write down each present as it is opened and the persons name who brought the gift. This makes the whole Thank You process easy the next day when you are trying to remember who brought what and the generic Thank You for the gift thank you that is sent out when you forget who did what.

3. Remember when hiring a balloon twister, account for 5 to 7 minutes per child of time that you will need the twister for and then add on another 30 minutes to an hour (depending on party size) for balloon surgery or replacement or wounded or KIA balloon creations.  In other words, if you are having the average size  party of 10-15 kids, then an hour and a half to 2 hours should be the time allotted for a good twister.  Maybe a little longer for one with advanced creations.

2. Have all pets safely kept away in another room if the balloon twisting will be inside.  Many kids running around with these balloon creations could scare them and animal versus balloon always results in animal winning that popping contest.  You won’t want your new puppy eating latex and getting sick or worse.

1.  Give yourself enough time after the party to relax. You deserve it! After all, you just had Vynn Credible dazzle your guests and they all left happy, so why should you get to take some well deserved rest!

Have a great event and see you soon!

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