A Legend of Magic Closes the Curtain

The Dove Master

September's Cover of Magic Magazine

Hopefully this doesn’t mean an end to his career and just the beginning of another chapter in his magical life.  Talking with residents of Las Vegas, Lance Burton is more than just an entertainer, he is an a social icon of the city by always helping locally in many ways.

Please pick up a copy of this magazine at your local home town magic store.  This is MAGIC Magazine and can also be picked up at www.MAGICmagazine.com or order a subscription.  Both of these pictures have been used from the magazine and all credit for the pictures is given to MAGIC Magazine.

I am looking forward to see what this Magic Great pursues next and reading the article.  The local Vegas paper reported that Lance wouldn’t reveal his plans, but they do involve a fly rod and a frying pan.  Sounds like our buddy needs a little Rest & Relaxation.

Release of the Doves

Is there anything that Lance does that doesn’t look magical?  I saw a commercial he did once about adopting animals and his mannerisms alone just made you think a tiger was going to appear out of thin air!  We love ya Lance and hope your vacation won’t be for long.

As we aspire to be a great magician, it is  legends like this that we must study. Not just because of the trick itself, but mainly one must understand that these are great entertainers and this is what continually draws the crowds every night.  Learn this secret and you too can be very successful.

Hopefully, my subscription will come early because I am very excited to read all the articles relating to Lance Burton and his future.  If you  don’t have a chance to get the magazine, stay tuned for an update from Vynn Credible.

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