It may be time for a change if bobbing for apples and sticking your had in a bag of grapes and spaghetti just doesn’t entertain your Halloween guests anymore and you are trying to find ways to make your Halloween party a memorable event. Hiring an extreme balloon artist is the new craze and if you think that a one balloon animal is what balloon twisting is all about then you have another thing coming. Check out this 21 balloon skeleton creation that I made this afternoon. This received a 3 Screams out of 3 as all of my daughters went crazy when they saw this. In fact, 2 of them left their bikes in the middle of the driveway when they came running over to get their picture taken with “Skully” and me as I walked out of the house!  Notice how they haven’t even taken off their helmets.    🙂

Skully the Skeleton

21 Balloon Skeleton

If this is the type of excitement you would like your guests to have, then call me so we can design the type of program that you would need to fulfill your events. I have a team of Extreme Balloon Artists that can fulfill any size event. Scary balloon decor, large balloon creatures and multi-balloon creations of all shapes and sizes or balloon arches, balloon dresses and even large full scale motorcycles and cars that people can fit inside for original photo opportunities.

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