Blue and Gold Florida Magic

When it comes to magic and entertainment your banquet will be a hit with the nonstop action of a Vynn Crediblemagic show.

Florida Cub Scouts

Cub Scout Banquet Entertainment Specialist

This years show has a new surprise for all those in attendance that you will not want to miss. 2012 marks the year as Vynn Credible has added a magical assistant to his show that will amaze you with her skill of appearing and disappearing into thin air! This will definitely be something that keep you wondering or even a sleepless night or two while you wonder just how it could happen!

Blue and Gold Banquets are not new to Vynn Credible. In fact, he was a boy scout many years ago. Besides the Pine Wood Derby, the B & G banquet was one of the biggest events of the year to look forward to. Now with the addition of a professional magic show, it has become THE EVENT of the year for many local troops. ┬áDon’t miss out on the magic of your special occasion and booking anything less than this extreme show.

Don’t forget about the balloon decor that can be added your special ceremony. Large balloon columns and

Blue and Gold Banquet

balloonarches made out of balloons or a large cub scout emblem can also be made. Any customizations can be accomplished by our team of highly trained balloon artists as Vynn Credible’s magic merges with the talents of his team from Dynamite Balloon Creations.

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