It’s not everyday that you get a 900 square foot Green Room fully stocked with every beverage you could ever wish for among other perks, but then again, it’s not everyday that you get to perform at the Ritz-Carlton.  Last month I got the honor of performing for the Georgia Health Care Association here on Amelia Island and met many wonderful people.  I went on stage after dinner for a crowd of over 500 and had a blast with the members of the audience during this comedy magic show.

Before hand, they had a cocktail hour that allowed me time to hop from group to group and perform some close up magic for many that were enjoying the “spirits” of the evening.  It’s funny when people tell you their favorite magician story.  Like the time this magician made them believe that the card they were holding was the one they originally picked, but then it changed.

Yeah, that one gets me all the time! 🙂

Vynn Credible

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