Pick a Winner!!

The holiday season is quickly approaching and event planners are stuck with the task of deciding what to do to entertain hundreds of employees.  The only problem is that, although holiday raffles or give aways are filled with excitement, when it comes to the end of the evening only a handful of people walk away happy with their door prizes.  Hiring a great Magical Entertainer may be the solution to your holiday blues.  Everyone gets to take away the memory of a fun filled show and many others get to take home the story of the time they got picked from the audience to participate.  The office will be swarming with anticipation for next years party long before the season is upon you.

The picture to the left was a holiday party I did earlier this year for United Space Alliance in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Like most corporate affairs the evening started off with a cocktail hour that morphed into a dinner.  While guests mingled and had a few drinks, I entertained them with some close up magic.  This is a lot of fun because it is magic that happens right in front of them or in their own hands.  What a great prelude to a magical stage show, because now they have an idea of my personality, skill and ability to entertain!  This really sets the stage for what is to come.

The next part of the corporate show is a cleverly crafted mix of comedy and magic that keeps each guest wondering what they just saw, while they laugh the night away.  This is the part that I really love because it gives me a chance to interact with someone on a large scale.  Chances are that they have never been on stage before or at least not as often as me.  Not to worry because they will still be the star and their 15 minutes of fame is about to begin.

As you can see my willing assistant has the biggest smile and is really enjoying the moment.  I can’t wait for next years event with this group.  We all had so much fun!

In closing, take the weight off your shoulders of completing this difficult task of trying to make so many people happy and let it up to a Pro.  A great suggestion is Vynn Credible for your corporate event because I will make your event worth remembering!

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