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Lifetime Memories with a Poster Keepsake

What better way to remember your special day then with a keepsake memory from your very own birthday party!  This huge poster will be presented and used in the show, so keep it a secret thaKylie Portrait Queent Mom and Dad had a magical hand in this by sending it along to Vynn Credible.  During the big reveal, your child’s mind will be blown as excitement fills the air.  This is one of the newest additions to my show and has kids going crazy with amazement.  The poster is also able to signed with wishes for the happiest and most magical filled birthday anyone has every had in their life.  In fact, ages from 8 to 80 have loved this effect on their special day.

1 of a Kind Magic Show

No Other Magician Can Do This!

Birthdays are really a special day for kids.  A great magic show that gets the kids involved and makes the birthday boy a magic superstar is even better. However, add
in a real live magic rabbit and the only magician in the area that has one in his show is Vynn Credible! This past weekend in Ormond Beach, FL was no exception and you can see how much this meant to the boy celebrating his 9th birthday and his 2nd year with Vynn Credible providing magical entertainment.  Next year will be our 3rd event together and it keeps getting better ever year!


We had some minor issues with the wind blowing over the back drop and that is why it appears folded back in picture to make it more stable. That hardly seemed to stopped the fun as the kids were all on their feet at this point, since Stuart the magic bunny had just made his reappearance to the audience’s delight.

Let Vynn Credible do what no other entertainer can do and bring Stuart the Magic Rabbit to your next special birthdays party or other event!

Premium Birthday Party Magic Show

Vynn Credible will transform your home into a Las Vegas style Magic Theatre for a Premium Birthday Party Magic Show

Premium Magical Entertainment with Vynn Credible

I am very excited to announce this next step in bringing premium quality entertainment straight to you.  My goal is to provide world class entertainment that will build memories to last a lifetime.  The most recent addition to my show has been the professional Las Vegas style backdrop to transform your room into a grand magical stage perfect for framing all your birthday pictures.   Birthday Party Magic Shows are available throughout Florida and can be customized for your event.

I also wanted to take a quick moment and thank Jeff Jones from who customized this specially for me and had it to me in less than a week from concept to delivery.  The customer service is second to none and I highly recommend anyone in need of a backdrop to order from Jeff!

Comedy Plus Magic Equals Fun!

It is possible to have a great comedy magic show right here in sunny Florida! I really enjoy performing and some of you got to see that first hand today here in Melbourne. You know who you are and right now you are thinking to yourself how much fun we had. You may not remember what you were laughing about, but you will remember laughing and that is my goal.


Today I was looking though my facebook world and and saw this funny clip that Fred Moore shared. It is taken from the Conan O’Brien TV show of comedian Pete Holmes.  When you are ready for another chuckle, take a look at this clip.


This is really funny, maybe a little more for my friends that are magicians, but everyone will get a laugh. Thanks Fred for finding this clip.  Remember the noise you are supposed to make at the next magic show now! HA!

Vynn Credible Magic Show Clips

Just a few short clips from the Vynn Credible magic show, however the real good stuff has been kept out to show at your next party. Booking Vynn Credible is easy and we now accept credit cards to reserve your show date.

Are you paying attention!

Recently, I was talking with a few friends and fellow magicians after attending a lecture given by Jonathan Levitt and we were discussing how easy it is to become distracted.  For instance, below is a video with people bouncing a basketball.  Half of the people are wearing black shirts and half are wearing white shirts.   Count the number of times the people wearing a white shirt bounce the ball to each other.

Did you get it right?  Did you rewind the video because you couldn’t believe how easy it was to distract you?

Here is another one that Magician Bob Brizendine brought to my attention.  You may have even seen the color changing deck trick before.  See if you can count how many times the color changes. I think you will be surprised.

Did you catch them all? Misdirection is truly a required skilled art that every magician must learn if he seriously wants to become a real entertainer. This is accomplished in many different ways, from voice inflection, to an actual touch, glance or look.

Appreciation for the art as a whole has really taken over my experience of watching others perform. I look for the entertainment and try to learn from those that really “get it”” because that is what the lay audience is really looking for when they come to a show. They want to be the side of the entertainer because people like to be part of a success.

Why else would everyone around the world want to be a Pittsburgh Steeler fan? It sure isn’t because Pittsburgh is a vacation destination. It is because they want to associate themselves with the success of a team that is about to win it’s 7th Superbowl Championship. All of my friends know that I have been a fan my whole life and just had to find a way to cheer on the Black and Gold as Superbowl Sunday quickly approaches.

Hobe Sound Golf Course – Celebrities Fore Kids

Magic at the Hobe Sound Golf Club

It was a beautiful day to be out on the links, but we were having a blast in the club house.  Celebrities Fore Kids is a great organization that I have had the privilege of meeting today.  The purpose of Celebrities Fore Kids, Inc. is to improve the quality of life for children with cancer, and their families, who live on the Treasure Coast of Florida. Presently pediatric oncology services are not available in the Treasure Coast. To further this purpose, the organization works closely with agencies, physicians, schools, hospitals and pediatric care centers.  Their goal is to offer financial, emotional, and social support to these children and their families.

Vynn Credible in Hobe Sound Florida

Celebrities Fore Kids


I got to meet some great families today and would like to think that I had a part in the big smiles that I saw on all their faces.  Lots of audience participation was on the venue today and I think it we can say that everyone had a chance to participate in one way or another.   I had so much fun as a Family Magician today and look forward to more of these opportunities.

Now begins the prepartion for next years event, since I have already been told to set the date.  Stu has even started to get prepare by pretending to be a very still rabbit. He really impresses me that when it is showtime he behaves so well.  Here at the house, I am constantly having to tell him to get out of the dog’s food dish.  My dog eats cheeseburger flavored dog food. Maybe Stu is trying to tell me he wants to go out to McDonalds!  Either way, he is one crazy rabbit here at home.

Listen to what someone had to say after the show!

Corporate Holiday Entertainment

Pick a Winner!!

The holiday season is quickly approaching and event planners are stuck with the task of deciding what to do to entertain hundreds of employees.  The only problem is that, although holiday raffles or give aways are filled with excitement, when it comes to the end of the evening only a handful of people walk away happy with their door prizes.  Hiring a great Magical Entertainer may be the solution to your holiday blues.  Everyone gets to take away the memory of a fun filled show and many others get to take home the story of the time they got picked from the audience to participate.  The office will be swarming with anticipation for next years party long before the season is upon you.

The picture to the left was a holiday party I did earlier this year for United Space Alliance in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Like most corporate affairs the evening started off with a cocktail hour that morphed into a dinner.  While guests mingled and had a few drinks, I entertained them with some close up magic.  This is a lot of fun because it is magic that happens right in front of them or in their own hands.  What a great prelude to a magical stage show, because now they have an idea of my personality, skill and ability to entertain!  This really sets the stage for what is to come.

The next part of the corporate show is a cleverly crafted mix of comedy and magic that keeps each guest wondering what they just saw, while they laugh the night away.  This is the part that I really love because it gives me a chance to interact with someone on a large scale.  Chances are that they have never been on stage before or at least not as often as me.  Not to worry because they will still be the star and their 15 minutes of fame is about to begin.

As you can see my willing assistant has the biggest smile and is really enjoying the moment.  I can’t wait for next years event with this group.  We all had so much fun!

In closing, take the weight off your shoulders of completing this difficult task of trying to make so many people happy and let it up to a Pro.  A great suggestion is Vynn Credible for your corporate event because I will make your event worth remembering!

Lance Burton Retires

A Legend of Magic Closes the Curtain

The Dove Master

September's Cover of Magic Magazine

Hopefully this doesn’t mean an end to his career and just the beginning of another chapter in his magical life.  Talking with residents of Las Vegas, Lance Burton is more than just an entertainer, he is an a social icon of the city by always helping locally in many ways.

Please pick up a copy of this magazine at your local home town magic store.  This is MAGIC Magazine and can also be picked up at or order a subscription.  Both of these pictures have been used from the magazine and all credit for the pictures is given to MAGIC Magazine.

I am looking forward to see what this Magic Great pursues next and reading the article.  The local Vegas paper reported that Lance wouldn’t reveal his plans, but they do involve a fly rod and a frying pan.  Sounds like our buddy needs a little Rest & Relaxation.

Release of the Doves

Is there anything that Lance does that doesn’t look magical?  I saw a commercial he did once about adopting animals and his mannerisms alone just made you think a tiger was going to appear out of thin air!  We love ya Lance and hope your vacation won’t be for long.

As we aspire to be a great magician, it is  legends like this that we must study. Not just because of the trick itself, but mainly one must understand that these are great entertainers and this is what continually draws the crowds every night.  Learn this secret and you too can be very successful.

Hopefully, my subscription will come early because I am very excited to read all the articles relating to Lance Burton and his future.  If you  don’t have a chance to get the magazine, stay tuned for an update from Vynn Credible.

TropStock Kids Comedy Magic Show

Magic Show Poster for Vynn Credible

Pick a Card! Any Card!

Check out this poster about to be plastered all over Brevard to promote the largest Tropical Rock festival of the year featuring Magical Entertainment by the one and only Vynn Credible.

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