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Once again, Menchie’s of Melbourne packs the house for the first special event of the summer as Vynn Credible created every request imaginable. Many super hero hats, princess dolls, dinosaurs, various other animals and hats so large guests had to duck and turn sideways just to get back out the door! ¬†I had a fantastic time and know for sure everyone will be back in July for next months event. Kids were entertained as their imaginations ran wild with ideas. One teenager even walked out with his very own Balloon Basketball on his way to a game with his friends. I hope he had a spare in case that one got a flat! ūüôā

If you were able to attend, please comment below about your experience.  I love the comments and will respond to each and every one of them.  Thanks again for your support as the house was packed last night!



Magic at Menchie’s in Melbourne, FL

This last minute close up magic show will be here before you know it. ¬†If you’d like a chance to see me in action for a public venue, stop by Menchie’s in Melbourne across from the Brunswick Bowling Lanes and next too Tijuana Flats. ¬†I will be performing ¬†close up magic or street magic which is best

Magic at Menchie's in Melbourne Florida

known as magic that can happen right in your hands. ¬†Years ago I used to perform this type of magic down the street at Frankie’s Wings and had an awesome group of spectators that gathered every Tuesday for the special on wings and the show that followed. ¬†With your help, I’d like to start the same kind of following at this Specialty Frozen Yogurt Shop. ¬†My kids love going here anyway, so now I get to have fun too! ¬†Stop on by and have some fun with me as this will not just be for kids. ¬†I will be packing a magical entertainment for people of all ages and I am looking forward to seeing you there!



This may not be the most impressive hat I’ve ever made, but it was exactly what this little boy wanted to match his newly painted face. Magic Mike allowed me the honor of filling in for him last night while he performed at a different gig. He has quite a following that comes to see him each Wednesday from 6 to 8, so if you are in the area you should stop by and see him. ¬†Had a lot of fun last night making a jungle scene complete with Monkeys, Giraffes, Elephants, Sharks and Parrots too.

Cocoa Beach Slo-N-Lo

Balloon Jester Hat

Come see what Extreme Balloon Twisting is all about and check out Vynn Credible at my next event.  Speaking of which, that will be tomorrow night at the Living Bread Fall Fest 1801 S. Orlando Ave Cocoa Beach from 6 to 7:45.  I will be joined by my extreme twisting side kick Rhino!  This event will be off the chart. Stay tuned as pictures will follow!