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Tinkerbell ready to hit the town

All dressed up and plenty of places to go, at least that is the motto for this weekend. Got a few balloon gigs to attend this weekend. One will be at Chillis on Friday then the next one will be at the Brevard County Manatees Basball stadium on Saturday and then Vynn Credible will be making a very special appearance for a birthday party on Sunday.

First I would like to announce the arrival of a Tinkerbell-like Fairy. I have been working on a few different new balloons for the girls. Here is the first one.

New Balloon Creation for this weekend

Next is a mermaid that lives under the sea. You will have to click the link to see the video. No big fancy YouTube box to click on here. Enjoy though as I know you will!


Parties are customized to fit your interests!

The first gathering of the Balloon Ninjas took place last Thursday at Applebees in Melbourne. We are a bunch of friends that enjoy twisting unique creations for special events or entertainment. These are not your typical one or two balloon animals and Yes I can make a bicycle! Ok, I get it, you saw Party Crashers. HA Ha Ha…. leave the jokes up to me. Trust me, it’s funnier that way.

The Velvet Rhino, Brocko the Clown (not the scary kind…unless you are scared of tiny people, sorry Brocko I couldn’t resist) and I had a jam session showing each other the new creations we were working on. Although we had asked to sit in the back in a secluded corner, it didn’t take long for the masses to find us. Being no stranger to crowds, it was no bother. In fact, quite it became very enjoyable since we didn’t have to bring anything home or throw anything away. The servers were all convinced that the management should make us a regular gig, as the crowd waiting to sing karaoke came to see us first for balloon creations that they could wear. From giant elephant head hats, to large bat wings and then a giraffe that attached at a man’s waist to appear he was riding it, we were creating some very unique balloon sculptures.

I have no idea where the 1980s Valley Girl accent came from all of a sudden. The only thing I can come up with is that the sheer enjoyment of getting a balloon took her back to her youth for a quick moment. Whatever the case may be, I never heard her speak like that again the rest of the night. The blonde waitress behind her wore a butterly in her hair the whole night courtesy of my sidekick the Velvet Rhino and the little boy in the red shirt got a Spiderman style superhero complete with web. I’m going to need to remember a tripod or bring a friend that doesn’t twist who can run the camera. Between blowing and twisting multiple balloons, I started to forget about taking pictures.

Stayed tuned and catch you sometime soon at a local venue where you will get your very own special balloon sculpture. Start thinking what you want now so you won’t ask for a sword!

Vynn Credible Magic Show Clips

Just a few short clips from the Vynn Credible magic show, however the real good stuff has been kept out to show at your next party. Booking Vynn Credible is easy and we now accept credit cards to reserve your show date.

Balloon Request… Baseball Player

Ok here was a request for tonights fun balloon time. This was a request I just received this afternoon for a baseball player. It’s that time of year again. The boys of summer are at it again and the smell of peanuts being tossed up into the stands is in the air. Here is my very own version of a baseball player, complete with a glove, baseball and glove.

Baseball Player with Glove and ball and also a hat!

The Claw decides who will stay and who will go!

Tonights creation is my first attempt at creating an alien being similar to the one seen in a popular children’s movie.  Can you guess which one?  Ok, here’s your hint…it’s not the normal everyday Toy Story that you’ve been reading in books.


Not your everyday Toy Story


The last one was a warm up.  Now on to a harder one.  The next one is a famous mermaid that lives under the sea.  No this is not Wilma Flintstone with flippers! Although, it could probably pass for one if I put a white dress on her.  I spent the afternoon with the Velvet Rhino himself and he showed me this favorite twist.  Thanks Scott!

Ariel is not my daughter's name, but she striking her best mermaid pose!

Tonight’s Creation is Nemo!

Balloon twisting has been a lot of fun for me.  Lately, I have been getting a lot of requests and my clients can’t believe the results. In fact, this past weekend at the Grand Opening for Holmes Regional Hospital in Viera, I was asked to stay longer then was originally contracted.  Luckily, this was one of the days that I didn’t have another show to run off too, so I stuck around.   There were thousands of people that turned out for the hospital tour and it was a typically beautiful Florida spring day hitting almost 90 degrees.

Orlando Magic Fan Also Likes Monkeys in Palm Trees with Bananas!

Everybody was styling their summer clothes and most were showing their support for the Orlando Magic Basketball Team.  This next picture was no exception.  He wanted a zany hat that captured his excitement for his favorite team. Of course, I was all too happy to make him this crazy creation. Hours later, he was still wearing it and I was able to get a snap shot of him.

Orlando Magic Super Fan!

The last picture I will leave you with is a little something that I was working on tonight. This is a hat with a little bit of the sea attached. I know it sounds crazy but the twisted sandy base is the hat part and then a very famous clown fish is hiding between some seaweed as bubbles are seen escaping above his head.  Tune in next time to see what will be next!

Nemo hides in the seaweed.

Are you paying attention!

Recently, I was talking with a few friends and fellow magicians after attending a lecture given by Jonathan Levitt and we were discussing how easy it is to become distracted.  For instance, below is a video with people bouncing a basketball.  Half of the people are wearing black shirts and half are wearing white shirts.   Count the number of times the people wearing a white shirt bounce the ball to each other.

Did you get it right?  Did you rewind the video because you couldn’t believe how easy it was to distract you?

Here is another one that Magician Bob Brizendine brought to my attention.  You may have even seen the color changing deck trick before.  See if you can count how many times the color changes. I think you will be surprised.

Did you catch them all? Misdirection is truly a required skilled art that every magician must learn if he seriously wants to become a real entertainer. This is accomplished in many different ways, from voice inflection, to an actual touch, glance or look.

Appreciation for the art as a whole has really taken over my experience of watching others perform. I look for the entertainment and try to learn from those that really “get it”” because that is what the lay audience is really looking for when they come to a show. They want to be the side of the entertainer because people like to be part of a success.

Why else would everyone around the world want to be a Pittsburgh Steeler fan? It sure isn’t because Pittsburgh is a vacation destination. It is because they want to associate themselves with the success of a team that is about to win it’s 7th Superbowl Championship. All of my friends know that I have been a fan my whole life and just had to find a way to cheer on the Black and Gold as Superbowl Sunday quickly approaches.

Organize your Magic Show Photos!

Creative Memories for a Special Event

A Magic Rabbit


 Your special event is something you will want to remember for many years to come.  Let’s be honest, that commercial with the kid jumping into the pool that complains about the picture being stuck in his mom’s camera forever is too real for many of us.  The solution is not to just get a bigger memory card, but to get to know a photo solutions expert.

I have teamed up with an expert in this field named Amy who turns your magic show by Vynn Credible into a keepsake that you will not only cherrish for years to come, but will be showing everyone you know.

I have posted a few examples from my latest show that she turned into a fantastic work of art.  She really takes pride in her work and has offered a very special add-on price to any show.  Please don’t forget to mention when booking your event that you would like to also get the Vynn Credible Photo Book keepsake.  Even if you have already had your show, you can still order this book.  

Lots of Audience Particiapation and Fun!

She has taken all the hard work out of your hands.   Here is the process if you have not had your show yet.  Mention you would like to get the add on photo book, Vynn Credible will give the person you designate as your photo taker with a list of pre-determined shots to make your book look the best. 

 After the show, burn those pictures to a disk and I will hand deliver it to Amy, withing 2 to 3 weeks you will have a personalized photo book with your special memories captured in print.   Now, take it and show off to all your friends!

I encourage you to also visit Amy’s web page to see all the other cool things she has to offer.

Halloween Party

 Top 5 Ideas for Having a Grrrrreat Halloween Party

1.  We all know that there will be plenty of sugar consumed over the next few weeks, so how do we get kids to eat healthy?  One way that I have found is to make the food look spooky and fun.  This Family Fun website has ideas and pictures of 15 Hauntingly Healthy Halloween Snacks which will add a bit of flair as well as get you plenty of compliments at your party.

2.  Carving pumpkins has become more than just a spooky face. Now people are carving scary cats, skulls, ghosts, bats and more.  A few years ago I discovered that there are plenty of websites with free printable templates that you can use to cut that special design into your favorite pumpkin.

3.  How can you spook up your home on a budget? Simply making the decorations yourself is not only a great way to save money but also a lot of fun.  When the scissors and glue come out of the craft box, all the kids in our family like to get involved.  Here are 34 ideas of Halloween crafts you can make with your little demons when stuck in the house this fall.

4.  Games can be a lot of fun, but what kind of games are good for Halloween?  I haven’t seen anyone bobbing for apples in decades!  In fact, after you put all that make up on or spend time getting that special outfit on, sometimes you wouldn’t even be able to bob!  Well, you don’t have to play them all, but check out these 15 Fun Games.

5.  Make your holiday party stand out this year by having a Professional Magical Entertainer spice it up! This year’s party will be memorable for many years to come with the addition of a Holiday Magic Show.  Book soon before all the available times have been Spooked away!

*View some of my recent Video Testimonials and see for yourself what others have had to say with their Vynn Credible Experience.  Whatever your holiday plans include, I wish you and your family a safe, fun filled time! 

Vynn Credible

Hobe Sound Golf Course – Celebrities Fore Kids

Magic at the Hobe Sound Golf Club

It was a beautiful day to be out on the links, but we were having a blast in the club house.  Celebrities Fore Kids is a great organization that I have had the privilege of meeting today.  The purpose of Celebrities Fore Kids, Inc. is to improve the quality of life for children with cancer, and their families, who live on the Treasure Coast of Florida. Presently pediatric oncology services are not available in the Treasure Coast. To further this purpose, the organization works closely with agencies, physicians, schools, hospitals and pediatric care centers.  Their goal is to offer financial, emotional, and social support to these children and their families.

Vynn Credible in Hobe Sound Florida

Celebrities Fore Kids


I got to meet some great families today and would like to think that I had a part in the big smiles that I saw on all their faces.  Lots of audience participation was on the venue today and I think it we can say that everyone had a chance to participate in one way or another.   I had so much fun as a Family Magician today and look forward to more of these opportunities.

Now begins the prepartion for next years event, since I have already been told to set the date.  Stu has even started to get prepare by pretending to be a very still rabbit. He really impresses me that when it is showtime he behaves so well.  Here at the house, I am constantly having to tell him to get out of the dog’s food dish.  My dog eats cheeseburger flavored dog food. Maybe Stu is trying to tell me he wants to go out to McDonalds!  Either way, he is one crazy rabbit here at home.

Listen to what someone had to say after the show!

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