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Florida Balloon Artists

Dynamite Balloon Creations

I have joined forces with two other premiere extreme balloon artists in Brevard County. Our website will be unveiled soon, but for now we have released a slide show or some of our earlier creations.

Scott Barhold and Mike Van Ness have combined their unique twisting abilities with Vynn Credible to make what clients are calling “the best balloon creations” they have ever seen!  If this is what you want to hear your clients, guests and business associates say about your next event, wait no longer and book today.

We just completed a huge Fall Festival for Health First employees at Wickham Park.  This event had over 7000 (yes that is seven thousand) employees and family members which enjoyed their Saturday afternoon being entertained by our terrific trio with our wise cracking jokes as well as some unusual balloon creations.  Scott even has a creation that he claims no one has ever seen before. This one even caught me by surprise.

The fun doesn’t end when we hand you the balloon creation, as most people hang around our tent to hear and see what we will do next.  I have to admit that the time flies by and if the battery on my air pump wouldn’t need changed every 4 hours, I would lose track of time as well!

We look forward to meeting new people at every event and even some old ones. In fact, one lady even asked me how often I twist balloons and then she reminded me that she had just seen me at a different event the day before!  Get in touch with me about how we can make your next event unforgettable as we Blow It Up with entertainment!

No Mo’ Chemo Party!

Isabella Knocks Out Cancer!


This past Friday I probably had the most fun I ever had twisting balloons. It wasn’t because I made the most unbelievable balloon I ever created and it wasn’t because I created the largest or funniest balloon ever created either. The reason was because my daughters 8 year old friend successfully finished her last chemo treatment and has kicked Cancer’s BUTT!  The whole evening was filled with energy and excitement and I stayed til every kid had the balloon of their choice and as you can tell, the pictures were taken as most of the decorations were already taken down because my wife couldn’t get close enough to me during the event to take any pictures! Sometimes I wonder who has more fun, the kids or me!  The guest of honor, Isabella was kind enough to allow me to have my picture taken with her and I wanted to share it with all of you.

No Mo' Chemo

Isabella kicked Cancer's BUTT!

Fall Festival in Cocoa Beach

Chalk Artisit meets Balloon Artist


Scott Barholdand I had a great time twisting balloons in Cocoa Beach last week and a Fall Festival held at the Living Bread Church on A1A.  We were positioned in two different buildings so that we wouldn’t gather too large of a crowd in any one place and it worked out beautifully.

Jason and Vynn preparing for the Fall Fest

I even got to meet Jason Anthony Palmisano who is a Chalk Artist, Speaker and Artist. He is another home town guy that I have had the pleasure of seeing on more than one occasion and suggest you seeing him too if you ever get the chance.

The youth Rock band really kicked it into high gear with their awesome musical talents and singing. I was really impressed with their show and so were all the teens that were jumping around and singing. Of course I think they could have jazzed up their appearance with some outrageous ballon animal hats!


Trick your Eyes and have a Happy Halloween!

Illusion To Try At Home!

This is a really cool trick to play on yourself.  Happy Halloween and I hope you had more treats than tricks this year as this holiday draws to a close.  This little trick works if you remove your glasses or just move back from the computer and look at it from a distance. Enjoy, have fun and share this link if you liked it!  And remember, if you like being fooled while being entertained, book Vynn Credible for your next event by calling 321-890-6329.


Illusion to trick your eyes

Who do you see...Marilyn or Albert?

Shark Week Balloon Party

Customizable Birthday Parties

Not all birthday parties are created equal and really, why should they be?  Today was as great example, as the client requested the theme of “Shark Week!”

HammerHead Balloon Shark

Shark Week - Hammer Head Balloon Shark

The birthday boy had a favorite shark, the Hammer Head! Therefore, ahead of time, I created a special 8 foot shark just for him and that was what he got at the beginning of the party. Then for the next 2 hours the guests were treated to their favorite Under the Sea creations.

When it comes to Extreme Balloon Creations, it really comes down to what you want to create that special memory that will make your party last a lifetime in the memory of  your guests. Tonight, after the sugar finally runs it’s course through their adolescent brains, dreams of huge sea creatures made from balloons will fill their heads and the legends will grow as they head to school on Monday.

Discuss the options with your entertainer and design each event to fit your needs. If your entertainer won’t do this, then you have the wrong one!  Call Vynn Credible and let me design your special event so that it will Rock!

This may not be the most impressive hat I’ve ever made, but it was exactly what this little boy wanted to match his newly painted face. Magic Mike allowed me the honor of filling in for him last night while he performed at a different gig. He has quite a following that comes to see him each Wednesday from 6 to 8, so if you are in the area you should stop by and see him.  Had a lot of fun last night making a jungle scene complete with Monkeys, Giraffes, Elephants, Sharks and Parrots too.

Cocoa Beach Slo-N-Lo

Balloon Jester Hat

Come see what Extreme Balloon Twisting is all about and check out Vynn Credible at my next event.  Speaking of which, that will be tomorrow night at the Living Bread Fall Fest 1801 S. Orlando Ave Cocoa Beach from 6 to 7:45.  I will be joined by my extreme twisting side kick Rhino!  This event will be off the chart. Stay tuned as pictures will follow!

Wolfman Balloon Hat for Halloween Parties!

Just in time for Halloween, this Wolfman Balloon Mask will be a party favorite. I had fun chasing my kids around the house with this one and then they tried it on and had just as much fun. The teeth are very sharp, as you can tell, so be careful with this one!   My what big eyes you have Wolfman!  Be on the lookout for Little Red Riding Hood with this guy around.  More fun balloon shapes to follow so stay tuned.  Any requests?

Vynn Credible as the Wolfman

Balloon Hat Party Ideas - Vynn Credible 321-890-6329

Spiderman Spotted at Cape Canaveral Chili Cook Off!

Vynn Credible & Velvet Rhino Entertain with Extreme Balloon Twisting!

Today I teamed up with the Velvet Rhino and we crushed it with balloons of all shapes and sizes. I even revealed my secret superhero identity.


Super Hero Hat

Vynn Credible Revealed his Secret Identity


We were under the big top at this windy event today, but that wasn’t enough to keep the lines from forming as we quickly adorned the heads of young and old with everything from Super Hero Hats to Alligators and Rhino’s new specialty, the giant fake nose and glasses.  I laugh every time he makes, especially when he makes it with the mustache and pretends to rub the ends as he handle bars it.


Velvet Rhino's Oversized Glasses and Nose with Mustache

Velvet Rhino's Oversized Glasses and Nose with Mustache


Anyway, we had a great time before we had to part ways and head in separate directions for private parties.  Tinkerbell was more popular than Super Hero hats at this 4 year old’s birthday party in Fox Lake Park in Titusville. That place is beginning to be a regular stomping ground for me as I’ve done parties there every month for the last few months.  It’s a beautiful park with plenty of shade, lots of parking and many different size pavilions to fit any number of guests. I highly suggest checking it out if this is in your area.

Halloween Balloon Twisting Party in Florida

It may be time for a change if bobbing for apples and sticking your had in a bag of grapes and spaghetti just doesn’t entertain your Halloween guests anymore and you are trying to find ways to make your Halloween party a memorable event. Hiring an extreme balloon artist is the new craze and if you think that a one balloon animal is what balloon twisting is all about then you have another thing coming. Check out this 21 balloon skeleton creation that I made this afternoon. This received a 3 Screams out of 3 as all of my daughters went crazy when they saw this. In fact, 2 of them left their bikes in the middle of the driveway when they came running over to get their picture taken with “Skully” and me as I walked out of the house!  Notice how they haven’t even taken off their helmets.    🙂

Skully the Skeleton

21 Balloon Skeleton

If this is the type of excitement you would like your guests to have, then call me so we can design the type of program that you would need to fulfill your events. I have a team of Extreme Balloon Artists that can fulfill any size event. Scary balloon decor, large balloon creatures and multi-balloon creations of all shapes and sizes or balloon arches, balloon dresses and even large full scale motorcycles and cars that people can fit inside for original photo opportunities.

Behind the Scenes of a Florida Entertainer

I’ve been trying to think of why someone would want to follow my Blog. Let me know what you would like to see posted here as I develop this into a weekly posting that will have pictures and videos as well as my thoughts and wonderings. My thoughts are that this will have to be something that is posted on more of a weekly platform that will give you insight into my gigs that are coming up and ones that I have completed. Also, I will teach you a few things along the way that could be fun for you to amaze your friends, win a bet at the bar or something to amaze your friends and family. These are all things that may get you bit by the same bug that got me started.

This should also be an interactive and fun place to ask questions or just keep in touch. I’ve been getting requests to post tutorials for some of my original balloon creations as well, so this will be a place for you to learn some cool twisting techniques as well. Please click the “LIKE” button on the bottom of this post and each one that you like to help me know what you would like to see more of and then drop a quick line.

I am now a member of The Society of American Magicians. Other than getting a discount on my liability insurance, I look forward to getting yet another monthly publication called MUM (Magic Unity Might) that I can use to advance my knowledge of the art and keep on top of magic trends in the business. Yes, the Magic Bob I do also get MAGIC. Speaking of cool magazines, my friend the Velvet Rhino showed me a cool magazine called Balloon Magic that I subscribed to which will elevate my balloon art to yet another level.

This Friday from 6-9 come to downtown Melbourne for the 2nd Friday Fest that goes on each month. If you missed us at the Art Festival last week, then you probably heard about us. We’ve been booked to attend on a monthly basis now to come and impress the masses and that is what we intend on doing. Balloon art has never been this entertaining and will definitely raise your expectation when booking your next event. Magic Mike, The Velvet Rhino and Vynn Credible will light the street on fire…well not exactly, at least not unless some guy tries to light a cigarette again behind the Rhino after he’s been at Taco Bell. Come down anyway and join in the fun. Just look for the crowd around us on Main Street near 8 Traxx.

Keep in touch, let me know what you think, stay tuned and as soon as Brandon Smith brings back my video camera I will begin shooting some more cool videos. Go to Vynn Credible’s YouTube Channel and subscribe to stay up to date on my latest videos.

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