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Birthday Party Magic Show

When is your birthday? Here is an interesting fact about birthday’s that I learned in college at the University of Pittsburgh from my Business Management Professor. If you gather at least 30 people in a room and ask them all what is their birthdate without the year (in other words, just the month and day), statistics tell us that there will be at least 2 that match. Sounds crazy but it works.

Either way, our birthday is the most personal thing we have next to our name. Birthday’s were made for celebrations. It really is an amazing blessing with every child we have and creating magical memories on this most special occasion are an excellent way to mark the day.

Free Wedding Invitations

Get FREE Wedding Invitations

It’s not normal to receive something totally free.  In fact, it seems almost down right magical when it happens or maybe even a little cynical.  What’s the trap? Why would anyone do that? It must not be worth anything? Typically, if it walks like a duck, squawks like a duck…well, you know the rest.

Keeping with the wedding theme that I have been talking for the last few posts, I’ve come across a real FREE deal.  I’ve checked it out and wouldn’t you just know it, it’s for real. Just jump on over to FREE WEDDING INVITATIONS and instead of investing all that money on something that someone looks at one time, spend it on something they will talk about for years to come. Magical Entertainment at your wedding is money well spent. Not only is it an original idea, but a great way to accent your special day.

Wedding Entertainment in Orlando Florida

Close up magic for wedding Entertainment

Entertainment at a wedding may seem weird when you say it, but when you experience it the outcome is incredible.  What part of the wedding do you dread the most? Is it the chicken dance, meeting relatives you’ve never heard of before or is it the hours of time you have to spend making conversation with people you don’t know at your table waiting for the pictures of the bride and groom to get done.  Instead, the close up magical entertainment of Vynn Credible will have your guests sitting on the edge of their seats with a whole new batch of memories to take home with them instead of just that small bag of mints sitting next to the water glass.

What exactly is Close Up Magic? Well, as if the name doesn’t explain it enough, then think of magic that happens right in front of you or sometimes even in your own hands.  Cards that change places for no explainable reason, rings that melt right through a solid string and coins that disappear into thin air are just a few for starters.

Before you know, the main attraction is being introduced by the DJ and they come strolling in being announced for the first time as husband and wife.  The music starts and they begin to dance for the first time as Mr. and Mrs. and everyone can’t believe how quickly they got there!  Some people will want a little more Pazaaz to their entrance and may want to have the Flower Girl and Ring Bearer magically transformed into the bride and groom.

However you decide to enhance your special day, accent your magical day with Vynn Credible Entertainment.

Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet

Blue and Gold Florida Magic

When it comes to magic and entertainment your banquet will be a hit with the nonstop action of a Vynn Crediblemagic show.

Florida Cub Scouts

Cub Scout Banquet Entertainment Specialist

This years show has a new surprise for all those in attendance that you will not want to miss. 2012 marks the year as Vynn Credible has added a magical assistant to his show that will amaze you with her skill of appearing and disappearing into thin air! This will definitely be something that keep you wondering or even a sleepless night or two while you wonder just how it could happen!

Blue and Gold Banquets are not new to Vynn Credible. In fact, he was a boy scout many years ago. Besides the Pine Wood Derby, the B & G banquet was one of the biggest events of the year to look forward to. Now with the addition of a professional magic show, it has become THE EVENT of the year for many local troops.  Don’t miss out on the magic of your special occasion and booking anything less than this extreme show.

Don’t forget about the balloon decor that can be added your special ceremony. Large balloon columns and

Blue and Gold Banquet

balloonarches made out of balloons or a large cub scout emblem can also be made. Any customizations can be accomplished by our team of highly trained balloon artists as Vynn Credible’s magic merges with the talents of his team from Dynamite Balloon Creations.

Balloon Twisting for Candlelighters of Brevard, Inc.

Michael Van Ness and I recently got to twist balloons for a very special group of people. Candlelighters of Brevard, Inc. hosted an amazing evening of food, fun and Santa Clause for families that have been stricken with cancer in Indialantic, Florida.  This was the nicest group of children that we met all month, and we have met a lot of children this month! It really makes me take a step back and think about all that I have to be thankful for this year and how lucky I am to have such a healthy family. With all that seems to be wrong in the world or what we think our problems are, imagine having something that you have so little control over in your life. These families are so strong and such an inspiration to me.  It’s times like this that I really begin to understand what life is really all about to me. Today is the first day of a new year and I am looking things in a whole new light because of what I learned last year.

Top 5 Things I Learned This Past Year

1. Have Fun – Because when it gets down to it, if you don’t have fun doing it, then you are doing it for the wrong reasons.

2. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff – Now I know that I have seen this in numerous other places, including those inspirational posters that usually have  a small kitten stuck in jar or something, but it really rang true this year.

3. Hard Work Does Pay Off – People do notice your work ethic and whether you are aware of it or not, they do tell others about you. Make sure you are always showing your good side!

4. Help Your Friends Succeed – We are always trying to do better with our own business or personal struggle and we can learn a lot from each other.  There is more opportunities to make money out there than one person can ever do, so share what you know has worked for you with those that are close to you and come to you for guidance. Don’t bury your talents.

5. Spend Time with Your Kids – They will never be as young as they were today. Run, play, teach and laugh. You’ll love it as much as they do, I guarantee it!


Happy New Year!!

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Ok I finally did it and it was actually quite fun and not as bad as I thought it would be.  A few weeks ago I got a call from Scott Barhold and he was telling about a magic show that he was booking and that there was a request for Santa Claus to make an appearance. I realize that although I may not be the real one, I did make one heck of a “helper” since he can’t be everywhere at one time.

Scott and I showed up on time as usual and walked into a house that looked more like a mansion from the beginning shot of a Miami Vice episode except that it was sitting on a beautiful nook of Melbourne Beach. We were shuttled into the guest quarters to get ready for the show in the main home. Scott headed out to showcase his very polished close up routine as I prepped and got ready for my grand entrance.

The kids were very excited as I appeared from what seemed like no where with our magical entrance. After seeing that, they were ready to believe in the magic of the season. Even the moms all got into the holiday spirit as they too lined up to have their pictures taken with Santa. We all had a great time, especially when Santa started handing out the gifts to all the children at the holiday party.

I’m not sure why everyone expected Scott to be magically turned into Santa, but that seemed to be another one of the biggest surprises for the audience as no one even noticed me slipping into the party. Scott and I had a good laugh about this Holiday Show as we headed to Smokey Bones for a quick bite to eat before heading home. Merry Christmas to everyone and Happy Holidays!

How to Twist a Balloon Reindeer

This is a 11 balloon reindeer that uses six 260 mocha balloons, two 160 white balloons (antlers), the end of one red 260 (nose), 1 mocha 350 (body and tail) and 1 five inch white round (eyes). If you are interested in a video tutorial, please comment below and I will put one together.

Tis the season to be merry. I can’t say that last line without thinking about Clark Griswald hitting on the sales woman in the lingerie department in the Christmas Vacation movie. Definitely one of my favorite movies of the season. At least I don’t take it as far as my brother who has an annual party where you must come dressed as someone from the movie!

If you are looking to decorate your cubicle at work or jazz up the office of someone special, Rudolph always steals the show!  Build all other 8 reindeer and the sleigh with Santa Clause to really get into the spirit.

Holiday Balloon Twisting Parties

Clowning Around Florida

No Funny Business

Clowns are funny people and I agree with people who say they aren’t for everyone.  However, this group of clowns knows how to put the FUN in FUNERAL. Check out the picture below. A friend sent this too and I just had to share it with all of my faithful followers!

Clowns getting down

Comedy Plus Magic Equals Fun!

It is possible to have a great comedy magic show right here in sunny Florida! I really enjoy performing and some of you got to see that first hand today here in Melbourne. You know who you are and right now you are thinking to yourself how much fun we had. You may not remember what you were laughing about, but you will remember laughing and that is my goal.


Today I was looking though my facebook world and and saw this funny clip that Fred Moore shared. It is taken from the Conan O’Brien TV show of comedian Pete Holmes.  When you are ready for another chuckle, take a look at this clip.


This is really funny, maybe a little more for my friends that are magicians, but everyone will get a laugh. Thanks Fred for finding this clip.  Remember the noise you are supposed to make at the next magic show now! HA!

Put the “Show” back into Trade Show

When you have a particular product that you would like to introduce to new clients, suppliers and buyers the easiest way to get that introduction is through a trade show. This tactic gives a hands on experience and a one to one introduction, which results in quality leads and list building for future follow up and even same days sales, in some instances.  It is easy to accomplish this if you have a plan to implement, knowledgable staff, defined goals and a follow up procedure in place. Otherwise, this could end up just being a very costly day away from the office.

Even with this great plan in place, you will still need to get that stream of traffic to your booth. In my experience, it has proven that a great entertainer draws a crowd and pulls people in or makes people stop that normally may have just passed right by without even a second glance. Creating a spectacle stirs the curiosity within each of us and before long the freshly entertained crowd has forgotten about whatever problem they recently had and is ready to hear what you have to say. After all, you must have something special to tell them if you had enough foresight to bring such an ingenious entertainer!

This is where your most seasoned trained sales force must be ready to capitalize on the plan you have practiced and put into place before this weekend. When everyone knows exactly the part that they will be playing in the days event, you will surely have a very successful Trade Show experience.

Magic and/or balloon twisting can be great and can be customized to fit your needs. Remember planning is key and something that should be planned at least a few months in advanced. Make it count by putting the “Show” back into Trade Show!

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