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Giant Balloon Arch Decor welcomes guests to any business or event and puts the exclamation point on a party atmosphere!  BJ’s Warehouse Club knows this and they use

BJ's Rings in the 4th of July with Colorful Balloon Arches

Vynn Credible and Scott Barhold of Dynamite Balloon Creations to provide this type of WOW Factor for their events. We are able to work quickly and professionally since we have all the right equipment to do the job right. Our quotes are sent out quickly and even provide pictures of what to expect with options so that you are able to pick exactly what you would like to have.

We drove to the location in Orlando and worked our way back home because we knew it would be a long night and since we had to wait til the Club closed to begin, it would be a short night of sleep.  We didn’t realize just how short until 4:30AM.

Waterford Lakes in Orlando is a great location with a fantastic balloon arch. We started getting everything together so that at 9PM we were ready to rock and get these balloons

Scott Barhold clinging for his life to the forklift of death

twisted into the chosen pattern.  Scott had fun riding the forklift up to the ceiling to connect the safety restraint.  Well, actually I should say that we had fun watching him ride the forklift to the ceiling in extreme terror.  It didn’t look that high from where we were standing, but from his point of view you would have thought he was placing the steeple on the Eiffel Tower.  I must applaud his bravery, though, because he did take the ride at all three BJ’s Clubs that night.   Before I go patting ourselves on the back too much for what a great job we did, I want to take a moment to thank our brave assistant Theresa who braved the night running balloons from the inflation station to the ladder that I was clinging onto and tying balloons from as I experienced my own vertigo! 🙂  Thanks again for all your help!

Next we rolled on back to Melbourne for a quick bite to eat then over to our biggest undertaking of the night.  This arch was nearly 50 feet of balloons stretching over the widest front door opening of any of the BJ’s Clubs we were at that night.  Upon


completion of this monster, the best line of the night came from Scott as he did his best Jack Black imitation repeating, “I GIVE YOU KONG!”  This monstrosity stretched so far that the produce had to be moved out of the way so that we had a place to put the left side column.  This was not a measuring mistake but rather the requested anchor points from the GM so, of course, we complied.  The bigger the better as they say and we love making the biggest and coolest displays we can. In fact, every time we make a creation our sick minds are coming up with new and exciting ways to make other displays the next time.  We love a good challenge and the welcome the opportunity to shine at any event!

By 4:30 AM I was sacked out in my bed because we had run out of supplies for the night.  We ran out of supplies because everyone changed their minds as to the size of arch they

Scott and Stephanie pose after we complete the arch

originally ordered.  At 7AM we could get the needed supplies  for the last balloon arch in Merritt Island, so this meant that we could get an hour and a half of sleep before finishing up the job.  The store opened and 9AM and the arch had to be complete before the members arrived at the club.

Stephanie was a huge part of our success in meeting our goal as she was our runner on this project.  Scott has an awesome crew of daughters that are always ready to spend some Daddy Time with him and lend a hand.  They are a special bunch of girls that you just don’t get to meet everyday.  It makes me think of how my girls will be such great helpers as they grow up like his.  Now that I think about it, with all these helpers, we need to get more gigs!  Therefore, call and book your event today!  Let us know what colors you prefer and area dimensions you are looking to fill for the most accurate quote and we will send you four different options with pictures of each to allow you to choose the one the you like before it is even built.


Balloon Twisting for Candlelighters of Brevard, Inc.

Michael Van Ness and I recently got to twist balloons for a very special group of people. Candlelighters of Brevard, Inc. hosted an amazing evening of food, fun and Santa Clause for families that have been stricken with cancer in Indialantic, Florida.  This was the nicest group of children that we met all month, and we have met a lot of children this month! It really makes me take a step back and think about all that I have to be thankful for this year and how lucky I am to have such a healthy family. With all that seems to be wrong in the world or what we think our problems are, imagine having something that you have so little control over in your life. These families are so strong and such an inspiration to me.  It’s times like this that I really begin to understand what life is really all about to me. Today is the first day of a new year and I am looking things in a whole new light because of what I learned last year.

Top 5 Things I Learned This Past Year

1. Have Fun – Because when it gets down to it, if you don’t have fun doing it, then you are doing it for the wrong reasons.

2. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff – Now I know that I have seen this in numerous other places, including those inspirational posters that usually have  a small kitten stuck in jar or something, but it really rang true this year.

3. Hard Work Does Pay Off – People do notice your work ethic and whether you are aware of it or not, they do tell others about you. Make sure you are always showing your good side!

4. Help Your Friends Succeed – We are always trying to do better with our own business or personal struggle and we can learn a lot from each other.  There is more opportunities to make money out there than one person can ever do, so share what you know has worked for you with those that are close to you and come to you for guidance. Don’t bury your talents.

5. Spend Time with Your Kids – They will never be as young as they were today. Run, play, teach and laugh. You’ll love it as much as they do, I guarantee it!


Happy New Year!!

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Ok I finally did it and it was actually quite fun and not as bad as I thought it would be.  A few weeks ago I got a call from Scott Barhold and he was telling about a magic show that he was booking and that there was a request for Santa Claus to make an appearance. I realize that although I may not be the real one, I did make one heck of a “helper” since he can’t be everywhere at one time.

Scott and I showed up on time as usual and walked into a house that looked more like a mansion from the beginning shot of a Miami Vice episode except that it was sitting on a beautiful nook of Melbourne Beach. We were shuttled into the guest quarters to get ready for the show in the main home. Scott headed out to showcase his very polished close up routine as I prepped and got ready for my grand entrance.

The kids were very excited as I appeared from what seemed like no where with our magical entrance. After seeing that, they were ready to believe in the magic of the season. Even the moms all got into the holiday spirit as they too lined up to have their pictures taken with Santa. We all had a great time, especially when Santa started handing out the gifts to all the children at the holiday party.

I’m not sure why everyone expected Scott to be magically turned into Santa, but that seemed to be another one of the biggest surprises for the audience as no one even noticed me slipping into the party. Scott and I had a good laugh about this Holiday Show as we headed to Smokey Bones for a quick bite to eat before heading home. Merry Christmas to everyone and Happy Holidays!

How to Twist a Balloon Reindeer

This is a 11 balloon reindeer that uses six 260 mocha balloons, two 160 white balloons (antlers), the end of one red 260 (nose), 1 mocha 350 (body and tail) and 1 five inch white round (eyes). If you are interested in a video tutorial, please comment below and I will put one together.

Tis the season to be merry. I can’t say that last line without thinking about Clark Griswald hitting on the sales woman in the lingerie department in the Christmas Vacation movie. Definitely one of my favorite movies of the season. At least I don’t take it as far as my brother who has an annual party where you must come dressed as someone from the movie!

If you are looking to decorate your cubicle at work or jazz up the office of someone special, Rudolph always steals the show!  Build all other 8 reindeer and the sleigh with Santa Clause to really get into the spirit.

Holiday Balloon Twisting Parties

Comedy Plus Magic Equals Fun!

It is possible to have a great comedy magic show right here in sunny Florida! I really enjoy performing and some of you got to see that first hand today here in Melbourne. You know who you are and right now you are thinking to yourself how much fun we had. You may not remember what you were laughing about, but you will remember laughing and that is my goal.


Today I was looking though my facebook world and and saw this funny clip that Fred Moore shared. It is taken from the Conan O’Brien TV show of comedian Pete Holmes.  When you are ready for another chuckle, take a look at this clip.


This is really funny, maybe a little more for my friends that are magicians, but everyone will get a laugh. Thanks Fred for finding this clip.  Remember the noise you are supposed to make at the next magic show now! HA!

Florida Balloon Artists

Dynamite Balloon Creations

I have joined forces with two other premiere extreme balloon artists in Brevard County. Our website will be unveiled soon, but for now we have released a slide show or some of our earlier creations.

Scott Barhold and Mike Van Ness have combined their unique twisting abilities with Vynn Credible to make what clients are calling “the best balloon creations” they have ever seen!  If this is what you want to hear your clients, guests and business associates say about your next event, wait no longer and book today.

We just completed a huge Fall Festival for Health First employees at Wickham Park.  This event had over 7000 (yes that is seven thousand) employees and family members which enjoyed their Saturday afternoon being entertained by our terrific trio with our wise cracking jokes as well as some unusual balloon creations.  Scott even has a creation that he claims no one has ever seen before. This one even caught me by surprise.

The fun doesn’t end when we hand you the balloon creation, as most people hang around our tent to hear and see what we will do next.  I have to admit that the time flies by and if the battery on my air pump wouldn’t need changed every 4 hours, I would lose track of time as well!

We look forward to meeting new people at every event and even some old ones. In fact, one lady even asked me how often I twist balloons and then she reminded me that she had just seen me at a different event the day before!  Get in touch with me about how we can make your next event unforgettable as we Blow It Up with entertainment!

Fall Festival in Cocoa Beach

Chalk Artisit meets Balloon Artist


Scott Barholdand I had a great time twisting balloons in Cocoa Beach last week and a Fall Festival held at the Living Bread Church on A1A.  We were positioned in two different buildings so that we wouldn’t gather too large of a crowd in any one place and it worked out beautifully.

Jason and Vynn preparing for the Fall Fest

I even got to meet Jason Anthony Palmisano who is a Chalk Artist, Speaker and Artist. He is another home town guy that I have had the pleasure of seeing on more than one occasion and suggest you seeing him too if you ever get the chance.

The youth Rock band really kicked it into high gear with their awesome musical talents and singing. I was really impressed with their show and so were all the teens that were jumping around and singing. Of course I think they could have jazzed up their appearance with some outrageous ballon animal hats!


Trick your Eyes and have a Happy Halloween!

Illusion To Try At Home!

This is a really cool trick to play on yourself.  Happy Halloween and I hope you had more treats than tricks this year as this holiday draws to a close.  This little trick works if you remove your glasses or just move back from the computer and look at it from a distance. Enjoy, have fun and share this link if you liked it!  And remember, if you like being fooled while being entertained, book Vynn Credible for your next event by calling 321-890-6329.


Illusion to trick your eyes

Who do you see...Marilyn or Albert?

Shark Week Balloon Party

Customizable Birthday Parties

Not all birthday parties are created equal and really, why should they be?  Today was as great example, as the client requested the theme of “Shark Week!”

HammerHead Balloon Shark

Shark Week - Hammer Head Balloon Shark

The birthday boy had a favorite shark, the Hammer Head! Therefore, ahead of time, I created a special 8 foot shark just for him and that was what he got at the beginning of the party. Then for the next 2 hours the guests were treated to their favorite Under the Sea creations.

When it comes to Extreme Balloon Creations, it really comes down to what you want to create that special memory that will make your party last a lifetime in the memory of  your guests. Tonight, after the sugar finally runs it’s course through their adolescent brains, dreams of huge sea creatures made from balloons will fill their heads and the legends will grow as they head to school on Monday.

Discuss the options with your entertainer and design each event to fit your needs. If your entertainer won’t do this, then you have the wrong one!  Call Vynn Credible and let me design your special event so that it will Rock!

Halloween Balloon Twisting Party in Florida

It may be time for a change if bobbing for apples and sticking your had in a bag of grapes and spaghetti just doesn’t entertain your Halloween guests anymore and you are trying to find ways to make your Halloween party a memorable event. Hiring an extreme balloon artist is the new craze and if you think that a one balloon animal is what balloon twisting is all about then you have another thing coming. Check out this 21 balloon skeleton creation that I made this afternoon. This received a 3 Screams out of 3 as all of my daughters went crazy when they saw this. In fact, 2 of them left their bikes in the middle of the driveway when they came running over to get their picture taken with “Skully” and me as I walked out of the house!  Notice how they haven’t even taken off their helmets.    🙂

Skully the Skeleton

21 Balloon Skeleton

If this is the type of excitement you would like your guests to have, then call me so we can design the type of program that you would need to fulfill your events. I have a team of Extreme Balloon Artists that can fulfill any size event. Scary balloon decor, large balloon creatures and multi-balloon creations of all shapes and sizes or balloon arches, balloon dresses and even large full scale motorcycles and cars that people can fit inside for original photo opportunities.

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