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McDonald’s Magic Show

McDonald’s is a great place to have your kids birthday party.  After all, the kids are out of your house, someone else

 sets up, someone else cleans up, and there is a cool hamster maze for the kids to crawl through, all in the comfort of A/C.  Speaking of A/C, I know one magician and balloon twister that can really appreciate doing a show inside instead of outside!


Once again, I had a lot of fun performing for a 5 year old’s birthday party.  Twisting balloons in all kinds of shapes and sizes and as always, someone requests the easiest balloon ever…the worm.  Seriously kid…a worm? Do you want it twirled up like a snake ready to strike? How about in the shape of something, like a heart?

“Nope.”  He says, “Just blow up the balloon and put a knot in it. That’s what I want.”

Well, I gave him what he wanted and he took off running excited as ever when I handed it to him.  This is a great lesson that I should have remembered from my mentor.  It’s not what you want that is important, it’s what makes the audience happy and entertains them that you should do.

However, after a half dozen swords I tried to get the boys to be a little more creative and showed them some more balloon shape options and then they were excited to chase each other around with bumble bees, sharks and a parrot on their head!

Timing is everything, make sure that the “bringer of the cake and ice cream” understands to wait until after the show or (mental note for next time) start the show after the cake and ice cream have been served.  This a golden nugget for any new magician starting out, so take note! 🙂

Birthday party Magicians are a lot of fun and I encourage parents to try out a good one (like me!).

Restaurants do not allow live animals.  This is the only down side that I have come across so far.  Therefore, if you would like my magic show with the live rabbit, then it must be done somewhere else, like your home.

Thanks again to the family that booked me for a 3rd time!! You guys are VIP’s to me and can’t wait for the pictures.  They will be added to this web page and the Vynn Credible Fan Page on Facebook.

RBC Bank Family Fun Day

Twisting Balloons & Magic in Melbourne

Today I had a lot of fun meeting new people and twisting balloons for the local residents of Melbourne, Florida who were looking to have some fun at the Family Fun Day sponsored by RBC Bank.  The DJ did a great job promoting the different booths that were set up today including my own.  We even had an opportunity where I was able to draw a crowd for some close up street magic that, according to the DJ, made him feel like a kid again because he couldn’t believe what he was seeing!

That’s all part of the Vynn Credible experience!

TropStock in Cocoa Village

October 1st, 2nd and 3rd will be the largest Tropical Rock Music Festival of the year and yours truly will be performing as well.  The exact day and time are still in the planning phase, however, sign up on the right hand side for the newsletter to be the first to know all the exact details.

Come out and have a great time supporting a worthwhile cause, a portion of the proceeds go to the Rachel Nates Breath of Hope Foundation.  This event has special meaning to me because Rachel was a friend mine who went on way to early for many of us.  But since there are plans for us that only one person in this world will ever know, she is now our angel looking out for all of us and encouraging everyone to become an organ donor.  Her legacy lives on and we will be spreading the word about her life, as this will also be the release of the film documentary about her.

Now the magic! This will be exciting because you know I love to do what I do and the more people the better.  Bring out your friends, family and kids because this is going to be a very Magical weekend!

Vynn Credible

Kids Birthday Party Fun

The Classic Egg Bag

Birthday parties are always so much fun and at times I wonder exactly who is having the most fun! 🙂 The Egg Bag is classic fun and for those that do not know this particular trick…well book me for a show and find out. HA! Seriously though, it involves the appearance and disappearance of an egg. Every time you think you have it figured out, well…you don’t. It’s a great time and just one of the ways to get the audience involved in the show. My goal is always to get as many people involved in the show as possible which keeps the excitement level high and enjoyment at it’s peak.

Contact Me to book a show or inquiry about an event.

Vynn Credible

Engagement Party

Engagement Parties can be a lot of fun and this one was definitely a blast.

Pick a card, any card ladies!

Adults tend have a different perception to magic then children, so the approach must be completely different.  In most cases, they may have never seen me perform before or their experience with magic has not been a good one, so they immediately have a turn off to it.  There are a few easy ways to overcome this and get the audience on your side.

1.) I have found it is best to have 2 strong effects already in mind, one to lead in with and finally one to leave them wanting more.  The first trick must be very strong and usually something that happens in their hands that seems totally impossible.  This effect will immediately allow them to forget about reality for a moment and allow the possibility of other magic to just happen.

2.) Finally, finish just as strongly as you started and this will leave them wanting more as you leave to go on to your next group.

3.)  Only do 3 to 5 tricks depending on their length of time and move on.  You want to walk away before they do!

4.) One last idea is always have a few tricks that children like.  Even at Adult events, the children may be in another room hidden away.  Invite them out for for a few minutes to show them some magic.  The parents will follow them into the room you have selected and so will more people as they hear the laughter to see what is going on.  Follow up the children’s tricks with one or two quick stage style tricks that involve a few adults. Thank everyone for having you at the party and explain that you will be looking forward to meeting them all as you walk around to perform close up for them.  Now, many party goers know what you are there to do and since you have already entertained them they will be ready when you walk up to them later.

Have a Magical Day!

Vynn Credible

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