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1 of a Kind Magic Show

No Other Magician Can Do This!

Birthdays are really a special day for kids.  A great magic show that gets the kids involved and makes the birthday boy a magic superstar is even better. However, add
in a real live magic rabbit and the only magician in the area that has one in his show is Vynn Credible! This past weekend in Ormond Beach, FL was no exception and you can see how much this meant to the boy celebrating his 9th birthday and his 2nd year with Vynn Credible providing magical entertainment.  Next year will be our 3rd event together and it keeps getting better ever year!


We had some minor issues with the wind blowing over the back drop and that is why it appears folded back in picture to make it more stable. That hardly seemed to stopped the fun as the kids were all on their feet at this point, since Stuart the magic bunny had just made his reappearance to the audience’s delight.

Let Vynn Credible do what no other entertainer can do and bring Stuart the Magic Rabbit to your next special birthdays party or other event!

Premium Birthday Party Magic Show

Vynn Credible will transform your home into a Las Vegas style Magic Theatre for a Premium Birthday Party Magic Show

Premium Magical Entertainment with Vynn Credible

I am very excited to announce this next step in bringing premium quality entertainment straight to you.  My goal is to provide world class entertainment that will build memories to last a lifetime.  The most recent addition to my show has been the professional Las Vegas style backdrop to transform your room into a grand magical stage perfect for framing all your birthday pictures.   Birthday Party Magic Shows are available throughout Florida and can be customized for your event.

I also wanted to take a quick moment and thank Jeff Jones from who customized this specially for me and had it to me in less than a week from concept to delivery.  The customer service is second to none and I highly recommend anyone in need of a backdrop to order from Jeff!

Once again, Menchie’s of Melbourne packs the house for the first special event of the summer as Vynn Credible created every request imaginable. Many super hero hats, princess dolls, dinosaurs, various other animals and hats so large guests had to duck and turn sideways just to get back out the door!  I had a fantastic time and know for sure everyone will be back in July for next months event. Kids were entertained as their imaginations ran wild with ideas. One teenager even walked out with his very own Balloon Basketball on his way to a game with his friends. I hope he had a spare in case that one got a flat! 🙂

If you were able to attend, please comment below about your experience.  I love the comments and will respond to each and every one of them.  Thanks again for your support as the house was packed last night!



Magic at Menchie’s in Melbourne, FL

This last minute close up magic show will be here before you know it.  If you’d like a chance to see me in action for a public venue, stop by Menchie’s in Melbourne across from the Brunswick Bowling Lanes and next too Tijuana Flats.  I will be performing  close up magic or street magic which is best

Magic at Menchie's in Melbourne Florida

known as magic that can happen right in your hands.  Years ago I used to perform this type of magic down the street at Frankie’s Wings and had an awesome group of spectators that gathered every Tuesday for the special on wings and the show that followed.  With your help, I’d like to start the same kind of following at this Specialty Frozen Yogurt Shop.  My kids love going here anyway, so now I get to have fun too!  Stop on by and have some fun with me as this will not just be for kids.  I will be packing a magical entertainment for people of all ages and I am looking forward to seeing you there!



Things That Make you Go, HA HA HA!

Sometimes you just want to laugh and I like to look for those little moments that make a person smile. You may remember the magician on America’s Got Talent that you kept thinking, “Why is Howie so crazy about this guy?” Well mainly it wasn’t because of his skill at fooling people, but rather at his skill of entertaining a crowd. His goofy antics kept making people wander what he would try next and viewers were tuning in. Unfortunately, for an act like this, life is short lived. Many wondered what this guy would do after the show, well think no more, for I have found this commercial that he has appeared in. Today’s Smile is brought to you in part by the professional birthday party magician, Vynn Credible.

Birthday Party Magic Shows Without Vynn Credible

Not all magicians were created equally and not all magicians entertain equally either. When it comes down to it, a cheap magician is putting the correct amount of value on his show! Do you own a typewriter or a computer? Which one is cheaper? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to explain which one brings you more value. Watch the video below to see how your birthday party could end up with out the entertainment of a Vynn Credible Magic Show.

So head on over to the contact page and put your info into the request form so that we can design your special day. No rim shots! 🙂

Free Wedding Invitations

Get FREE Wedding Invitations

It’s not normal to receive something totally free.  In fact, it seems almost down right magical when it happens or maybe even a little cynical.  What’s the trap? Why would anyone do that? It must not be worth anything? Typically, if it walks like a duck, squawks like a duck…well, you know the rest.

Keeping with the wedding theme that I have been talking for the last few posts, I’ve come across a real FREE deal.  I’ve checked it out and wouldn’t you just know it, it’s for real. Just jump on over to FREE WEDDING INVITATIONS and instead of investing all that money on something that someone looks at one time, spend it on something they will talk about for years to come. Magical Entertainment at your wedding is money well spent. Not only is it an original idea, but a great way to accent your special day.

Wedding Entertainment in Orlando Florida

Close up magic for wedding Entertainment

Entertainment at a wedding may seem weird when you say it, but when you experience it the outcome is incredible.  What part of the wedding do you dread the most? Is it the chicken dance, meeting relatives you’ve never heard of before or is it the hours of time you have to spend making conversation with people you don’t know at your table waiting for the pictures of the bride and groom to get done.  Instead, the close up magical entertainment of Vynn Credible will have your guests sitting on the edge of their seats with a whole new batch of memories to take home with them instead of just that small bag of mints sitting next to the water glass.

What exactly is Close Up Magic? Well, as if the name doesn’t explain it enough, then think of magic that happens right in front of you or sometimes even in your own hands.  Cards that change places for no explainable reason, rings that melt right through a solid string and coins that disappear into thin air are just a few for starters.

Before you know, the main attraction is being introduced by the DJ and they come strolling in being announced for the first time as husband and wife.  The music starts and they begin to dance for the first time as Mr. and Mrs. and everyone can’t believe how quickly they got there!  Some people will want a little more Pazaaz to their entrance and may want to have the Flower Girl and Ring Bearer magically transformed into the bride and groom.

However you decide to enhance your special day, accent your magical day with Vynn Credible Entertainment.

Balloon Twisting for Candlelighters of Brevard, Inc.

Michael Van Ness and I recently got to twist balloons for a very special group of people. Candlelighters of Brevard, Inc. hosted an amazing evening of food, fun and Santa Clause for families that have been stricken with cancer in Indialantic, Florida.  This was the nicest group of children that we met all month, and we have met a lot of children this month! It really makes me take a step back and think about all that I have to be thankful for this year and how lucky I am to have such a healthy family. With all that seems to be wrong in the world or what we think our problems are, imagine having something that you have so little control over in your life. These families are so strong and such an inspiration to me.  It’s times like this that I really begin to understand what life is really all about to me. Today is the first day of a new year and I am looking things in a whole new light because of what I learned last year.

Top 5 Things I Learned This Past Year

1. Have Fun – Because when it gets down to it, if you don’t have fun doing it, then you are doing it for the wrong reasons.

2. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff – Now I know that I have seen this in numerous other places, including those inspirational posters that usually have  a small kitten stuck in jar or something, but it really rang true this year.

3. Hard Work Does Pay Off – People do notice your work ethic and whether you are aware of it or not, they do tell others about you. Make sure you are always showing your good side!

4. Help Your Friends Succeed – We are always trying to do better with our own business or personal struggle and we can learn a lot from each other.  There is more opportunities to make money out there than one person can ever do, so share what you know has worked for you with those that are close to you and come to you for guidance. Don’t bury your talents.

5. Spend Time with Your Kids – They will never be as young as they were today. Run, play, teach and laugh. You’ll love it as much as they do, I guarantee it!


Happy New Year!!

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Ok I finally did it and it was actually quite fun and not as bad as I thought it would be.  A few weeks ago I got a call from Scott Barhold and he was telling about a magic show that he was booking and that there was a request for Santa Claus to make an appearance. I realize that although I may not be the real one, I did make one heck of a “helper” since he can’t be everywhere at one time.

Scott and I showed up on time as usual and walked into a house that looked more like a mansion from the beginning shot of a Miami Vice episode except that it was sitting on a beautiful nook of Melbourne Beach. We were shuttled into the guest quarters to get ready for the show in the main home. Scott headed out to showcase his very polished close up routine as I prepped and got ready for my grand entrance.

The kids were very excited as I appeared from what seemed like no where with our magical entrance. After seeing that, they were ready to believe in the magic of the season. Even the moms all got into the holiday spirit as they too lined up to have their pictures taken with Santa. We all had a great time, especially when Santa started handing out the gifts to all the children at the holiday party.

I’m not sure why everyone expected Scott to be magically turned into Santa, but that seemed to be another one of the biggest surprises for the audience as no one even noticed me slipping into the party. Scott and I had a good laugh about this Holiday Show as we headed to Smokey Bones for a quick bite to eat before heading home. Merry Christmas to everyone and Happy Holidays!

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