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Don’t Hire A Magician!!

5. You have a Mime Fetish.

4. You’d rather see if the stories are true about how many kids have a fear of Clowns!

3.  All those bounce houses blowing away with kids in them doesn’t scare you.

2. 15 kids running through your house with nothing to hold there attention is NO Problem!

1. No one ever explained that Magicians are not supposed to just trick you.

I know that many of you already know me and have even seen me perform many times for one event or another and are thinking that I must have bumped my head before adding this post, however I am serious.  From Birthday Party Moms to Full Time Professional Event Planners, there is someone right now looking around on the internet for the best price they can find for a magician.  While there is no Orbitz or Travelocity to find the best price on a magician, I’m here to to help you understand that you are going about it all wrong.  Price should not be the main concern, although I do understand that we all have budgets.  However, even budgets have a high end and a low end. While riding a bicycle from Miami to Jacksonville may save me a ton of money on gas, I think I’d rather spend the extra money and drive a car or even take the bus.

Let’s get back to the main point, Don’t Hire a Magician! What you really are looking for is a professional entertainer  If you think about it long enough, you know deep down that this is what you were really looking for to begin with and just didn’t realize it.  An Entertainer is someone that will take their audience on a magical journey in their mind.  The day to day troubles are forgotten for a moment as the mind is allowed to wonder and believe that something extraordinary has just happened which creates a child like amazement in each of us.  This is what memories are made of and when the weeks, months and years pass after your event, people will be talking of that moment and what a great time they had there.  When they reminisce about this event they will then remember who put this fantastic time together.  If this is a corporate event, what easier way could you be on someones mind all the time. Oh, I  know, that fancy pen with your logo on it they picked up at your booth won’t even make the trip home. In fact, they left it on the table for the waitress after signing their receipt. Or maybe the party favor bag you put together going to 5 different stores to find the right themed items for the birthday  party. Wrong, that was shredded in the car on the way home. I’ve worked the corporate world and spent many business trips in Las Vegas collecting all the freebies from the vendors only to give them to the kids when I got home and never looked at them again.  Speaking of kids, my have attended many parties in the past and they could never tell you what trinket they brought home before.  However, every single time my kids bring home a friend they all ask me to show them something magical because they remember the time I entertained them at their friends birthday or the show at the school or the 4th of July party or…the list goes on and on.

Let’s create memories together that turn into something special.  After all, do you want someone to think for a brief moment that they were just tricked OR wouldn’t you rather have your friends, family and coworkers talking about how funny it was when Vynn Credible was trying to escape from the straight jacket and his arm fell off!

See you soon!

Tinkerbell ready to hit the town

All dressed up and plenty of places to go, at least that is the motto for this weekend. Got a few balloon gigs to attend this weekend. One will be at Chillis on Friday then the next one will be at the Brevard County Manatees Basball stadium on Saturday and then Vynn Credible will be making a very special appearance for a birthday party on Sunday.

First I would like to announce the arrival of a Tinkerbell-like Fairy. I have been working on a few different new balloons for the girls. Here is the first one.

New Balloon Creation for this weekend

Next is a mermaid that lives under the sea. You will have to click the link to see the video. No big fancy YouTube box to click on here. Enjoy though as I know you will!


Parties are customized to fit your interests!

Vynn Credible Magic Show Clips

Just a few short clips from the Vynn Credible magic show, however the real good stuff has been kept out to show at your next party. Booking Vynn Credible is easy and we now accept credit cards to reserve your show date.

McDonald’s Magic Show

McDonald’s is a great place to have your kids birthday party.  After all, the kids are out of your house, someone else

 sets up, someone else cleans up, and there is a cool hamster maze for the kids to crawl through, all in the comfort of A/C.  Speaking of A/C, I know one magician and balloon twister that can really appreciate doing a show inside instead of outside!


Once again, I had a lot of fun performing for a 5 year old’s birthday party.  Twisting balloons in all kinds of shapes and sizes and as always, someone requests the easiest balloon ever…the worm.  Seriously kid…a worm? Do you want it twirled up like a snake ready to strike? How about in the shape of something, like a heart?

“Nope.”  He says, “Just blow up the balloon and put a knot in it. That’s what I want.”

Well, I gave him what he wanted and he took off running excited as ever when I handed it to him.  This is a great lesson that I should have remembered from my mentor.  It’s not what you want that is important, it’s what makes the audience happy and entertains them that you should do.

However, after a half dozen swords I tried to get the boys to be a little more creative and showed them some more balloon shape options and then they were excited to chase each other around with bumble bees, sharks and a parrot on their head!

Timing is everything, make sure that the “bringer of the cake and ice cream” understands to wait until after the show or (mental note for next time) start the show after the cake and ice cream have been served.  This a golden nugget for any new magician starting out, so take note! 🙂

Birthday party Magicians are a lot of fun and I encourage parents to try out a good one (like me!).

Restaurants do not allow live animals.  This is the only down side that I have come across so far.  Therefore, if you would like my magic show with the live rabbit, then it must be done somewhere else, like your home.

Thanks again to the family that booked me for a 3rd time!! You guys are VIP’s to me and can’t wait for the pictures.  They will be added to this web page and the Vynn Credible Fan Page on Facebook.

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