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Lifetime Memories with a Poster Keepsake

What better way to remember your special day then with a keepsake memory from your very own birthday party!  This huge poster will be presented and used in the show, so keep it a secret thaKylie Portrait Queent Mom and Dad had a magical hand in this by sending it along to Vynn Credible.  During the big reveal, your child’s mind will be blown as excitement fills the air.  This is one of the newest additions to my show and has kids going crazy with amazement.  The poster is also able to signed with wishes for the happiest and most magical filled birthday anyone has every had in their life.  In fact, ages from 8 to 80 have loved this effect on their special day.

Vynn Credible Invitations and Thank You Cards

The invitations for your next birthday party have been designed and rushed to the printer.  Stay tuned to the booking page for special deals so that you can add these to your party and make that special day even better.  All of your guests will be super excited to know that this is one party they won’t want to miss!

Magic Postcard Invitation

After the big party, you can follow up with specially designed Thank You cards as well.  That’s right, Stewart the Magic Rabbit will be making one more appearance as he graces the cover of this card that you can send out to all your child’s friends thanking them for sharing the extra special day!

VC Thank you postcard

1 of a Kind Magic Show

No Other Magician Can Do This!

Birthdays are really a special day for kids.  A great magic show that gets the kids involved and makes the birthday boy a magic superstar is even better. However, add
in a real live magic rabbit and the only magician in the area that has one in his show is Vynn Credible! This past weekend in Ormond Beach, FL was no exception and you can see how much this meant to the boy celebrating his 9th birthday and his 2nd year with Vynn Credible providing magical entertainment.  Next year will be our 3rd event together and it keeps getting better ever year!


We had some minor issues with the wind blowing over the back drop and that is why it appears folded back in picture to make it more stable. That hardly seemed to stopped the fun as the kids were all on their feet at this point, since Stuart the magic bunny had just made his reappearance to the audience’s delight.

Let Vynn Credible do what no other entertainer can do and bring Stuart the Magic Rabbit to your next special birthdays party or other event!

Premium Birthday Party Magic Show

Vynn Credible will transform your home into a Las Vegas style Magic Theatre for a Premium Birthday Party Magic Show

Premium Magical Entertainment with Vynn Credible

I am very excited to announce this next step in bringing premium quality entertainment straight to you.  My goal is to provide world class entertainment that will build memories to last a lifetime.  The most recent addition to my show has been the professional Las Vegas style backdrop to transform your room into a grand magical stage perfect for framing all your birthday pictures.   Birthday Party Magic Shows are available throughout Florida and can be customized for your event.

I also wanted to take a quick moment and thank Jeff Jones from who customized this specially for me and had it to me in less than a week from concept to delivery.  The customer service is second to none and I highly recommend anyone in need of a backdrop to order from Jeff!

Giant Balloon Arch Decor welcomes guests to any business or event and puts the exclamation point on a party atmosphere!  BJ’s Warehouse Club knows this and they use

BJ's Rings in the 4th of July with Colorful Balloon Arches

Vynn Credible and Scott Barhold of Dynamite Balloon Creations to provide this type of WOW Factor for their events. We are able to work quickly and professionally since we have all the right equipment to do the job right. Our quotes are sent out quickly and even provide pictures of what to expect with options so that you are able to pick exactly what you would like to have.

We drove to the location in Orlando and worked our way back home because we knew it would be a long night and since we had to wait til the Club closed to begin, it would be a short night of sleep.  We didn’t realize just how short until 4:30AM.

Waterford Lakes in Orlando is a great location with a fantastic balloon arch. We started getting everything together so that at 9PM we were ready to rock and get these balloons

Scott Barhold clinging for his life to the forklift of death

twisted into the chosen pattern.  Scott had fun riding the forklift up to the ceiling to connect the safety restraint.  Well, actually I should say that we had fun watching him ride the forklift to the ceiling in extreme terror.  It didn’t look that high from where we were standing, but from his point of view you would have thought he was placing the steeple on the Eiffel Tower.  I must applaud his bravery, though, because he did take the ride at all three BJ’s Clubs that night.   Before I go patting ourselves on the back too much for what a great job we did, I want to take a moment to thank our brave assistant Theresa who braved the night running balloons from the inflation station to the ladder that I was clinging onto and tying balloons from as I experienced my own vertigo! 🙂  Thanks again for all your help!

Next we rolled on back to Melbourne for a quick bite to eat then over to our biggest undertaking of the night.  This arch was nearly 50 feet of balloons stretching over the widest front door opening of any of the BJ’s Clubs we were at that night.  Upon


completion of this monster, the best line of the night came from Scott as he did his best Jack Black imitation repeating, “I GIVE YOU KONG!”  This monstrosity stretched so far that the produce had to be moved out of the way so that we had a place to put the left side column.  This was not a measuring mistake but rather the requested anchor points from the GM so, of course, we complied.  The bigger the better as they say and we love making the biggest and coolest displays we can. In fact, every time we make a creation our sick minds are coming up with new and exciting ways to make other displays the next time.  We love a good challenge and the welcome the opportunity to shine at any event!

By 4:30 AM I was sacked out in my bed because we had run out of supplies for the night.  We ran out of supplies because everyone changed their minds as to the size of arch they

Scott and Stephanie pose after we complete the arch

originally ordered.  At 7AM we could get the needed supplies  for the last balloon arch in Merritt Island, so this meant that we could get an hour and a half of sleep before finishing up the job.  The store opened and 9AM and the arch had to be complete before the members arrived at the club.

Stephanie was a huge part of our success in meeting our goal as she was our runner on this project.  Scott has an awesome crew of daughters that are always ready to spend some Daddy Time with him and lend a hand.  They are a special bunch of girls that you just don’t get to meet everyday.  It makes me think of how my girls will be such great helpers as they grow up like his.  Now that I think about it, with all these helpers, we need to get more gigs!  Therefore, call and book your event today!  Let us know what colors you prefer and area dimensions you are looking to fill for the most accurate quote and we will send you four different options with pictures of each to allow you to choose the one the you like before it is even built.


Once again, Menchie’s of Melbourne packs the house for the first special event of the summer as Vynn Credible created every request imaginable. Many super hero hats, princess dolls, dinosaurs, various other animals and hats so large guests had to duck and turn sideways just to get back out the door!  I had a fantastic time and know for sure everyone will be back in July for next months event. Kids were entertained as their imaginations ran wild with ideas. One teenager even walked out with his very own Balloon Basketball on his way to a game with his friends. I hope he had a spare in case that one got a flat! 🙂

If you were able to attend, please comment below about your experience.  I love the comments and will respond to each and every one of them.  Thanks again for your support as the house was packed last night!



Magic at Menchie’s in Melbourne, FL

This last minute close up magic show will be here before you know it.  If you’d like a chance to see me in action for a public venue, stop by Menchie’s in Melbourne across from the Brunswick Bowling Lanes and next too Tijuana Flats.  I will be performing  close up magic or street magic which is best

Magic at Menchie's in Melbourne Florida

known as magic that can happen right in your hands.  Years ago I used to perform this type of magic down the street at Frankie’s Wings and had an awesome group of spectators that gathered every Tuesday for the special on wings and the show that followed.  With your help, I’d like to start the same kind of following at this Specialty Frozen Yogurt Shop.  My kids love going here anyway, so now I get to have fun too!  Stop on by and have some fun with me as this will not just be for kids.  I will be packing a magical entertainment for people of all ages and I am looking forward to seeing you there!



Things That Make you Go, HA HA HA!

Sometimes you just want to laugh and I like to look for those little moments that make a person smile. You may remember the magician on America’s Got Talent that you kept thinking, “Why is Howie so crazy about this guy?” Well mainly it wasn’t because of his skill at fooling people, but rather at his skill of entertaining a crowd. His goofy antics kept making people wander what he would try next and viewers were tuning in. Unfortunately, for an act like this, life is short lived. Many wondered what this guy would do after the show, well think no more, for I have found this commercial that he has appeared in. Today’s Smile is brought to you in part by the professional birthday party magician, Vynn Credible.

Blog Basics

I’ve decided to post a Blogs Basics for all of my friends that are new to this concept in an effort to help them and anyone else learn the basics. I’ve broken it down into a few easy to follow steps. Before we get started though, let’s understand what a blog is and why it is used. Wikipedia defines it the best by saying, “A blog is a personal journal published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete entries (“posts”) typically displayed in reverse chronological order so the most recent post appears first. Blogs are usually the work of a single individual, occasionally of a small group, and often are themed on a single subject.”


Many blogs are very informational and it is also fun to read what our favorite blog authors have to tell us.  The problem with Blogs is that they are updated whenever the owner decides to update them and you could waste time checking back all week and never seeing an update. So, as a reader the first thing you should do is use your Google account, go to the READER and subscribe to your favorite Blogs.  Anytime you see the Orange Square icon at the top of a web page, this is a quick way to add the Blog you are reading to your updates. When you log into your READER it will show you all the updates to your favorite Blogs without you having to go to the actual page. Warning, this can make your Blog reading very addictive because of the ease of finding updated Blogs.


When you are the owner and writer of a particular Blog the first thing that I recommend you do is go to and design your own avatar by uploading a picture.  The next thing and most important is that you put quality posts on your page. Write about something that pertains to your subject area of expertise and make it interesting for your audience.  Of course, this post has nothing to do with Magic or Balloons, but it is something that my readers have been asking me to post and a subject area that they would like to learn more about.  Don’t worry, more magic and balloon posts will be coming soon! 🙂

Let’s get back to the Gravatar for moment.  You will notice that you had to register with your email address.  Every time you a different Blog and post your comment, you will be asked for your email address.  This info will pull your website address and your picture to display on your post.  By posting quality posts on another persons web page will encourage readers of these blogs to check out your site and possibly subscribe to you as well.

Like I said before, this is some very basic information to get you started, so head over to and get set up, then come back here and let me know what you think or how easy it was to get started.

Birthday Party Magic Shows Without Vynn Credible

Not all magicians were created equally and not all magicians entertain equally either. When it comes down to it, a cheap magician is putting the correct amount of value on his show! Do you own a typewriter or a computer? Which one is cheaper? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to explain which one brings you more value. Watch the video below to see how your birthday party could end up with out the entertainment of a Vynn Credible Magic Show.

So head on over to the contact page and put your info into the request form so that we can design your special day. No rim shots! 🙂

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