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Hobe Sound Golf Course – Celebrities Fore Kids

Magic at the Hobe Sound Golf Club

It was a beautiful day to be out on the links, but we were having a blast in the club house.  Celebrities Fore Kids is a great organization that I have had the privilege of meeting today.  The purpose of Celebrities Fore Kids, Inc. is to improve the quality of life for children with cancer, and their families, who live on the Treasure Coast of Florida. Presently pediatric oncology services are not available in the Treasure Coast. To further this purpose, the organization works closely with agencies, physicians, schools, hospitals and pediatric care centers.  Their goal is to offer financial, emotional, and social support to these children and their families.

Vynn Credible in Hobe Sound Florida

Celebrities Fore Kids


I got to meet some great families today and would like to think that I had a part in the big smiles that I saw on all their faces.  Lots of audience participation was on the venue today and I think it we can say that everyone had a chance to participate in one way or another.   I had so much fun as a Family Magician today and look forward to more of these opportunities.

Now begins the prepartion for next years event, since I have already been told to set the date.  Stu has even started to get prepare by pretending to be a very still rabbit. He really impresses me that when it is showtime he behaves so well.  Here at the house, I am constantly having to tell him to get out of the dog’s food dish.  My dog eats cheeseburger flavored dog food. Maybe Stu is trying to tell me he wants to go out to McDonalds!  Either way, he is one crazy rabbit here at home.

Listen to what someone had to say after the show!

Corporate Holiday Entertainment

Pick a Winner!!

The holiday season is quickly approaching and event planners are stuck with the task of deciding what to do to entertain hundreds of employees.  The only problem is that, although holiday raffles or give aways are filled with excitement, when it comes to the end of the evening only a handful of people walk away happy with their door prizes.  Hiring a great Magical Entertainer may be the solution to your holiday blues.  Everyone gets to take away the memory of a fun filled show and many others get to take home the story of the time they got picked from the audience to participate.  The office will be swarming with anticipation for next years party long before the season is upon you.

The picture to the left was a holiday party I did earlier this year for United Space Alliance in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Like most corporate affairs the evening started off with a cocktail hour that morphed into a dinner.  While guests mingled and had a few drinks, I entertained them with some close up magic.  This is a lot of fun because it is magic that happens right in front of them or in their own hands.  What a great prelude to a magical stage show, because now they have an idea of my personality, skill and ability to entertain!  This really sets the stage for what is to come.

The next part of the corporate show is a cleverly crafted mix of comedy and magic that keeps each guest wondering what they just saw, while they laugh the night away.  This is the part that I really love because it gives me a chance to interact with someone on a large scale.  Chances are that they have never been on stage before or at least not as often as me.  Not to worry because they will still be the star and their 15 minutes of fame is about to begin.

As you can see my willing assistant has the biggest smile and is really enjoying the moment.  I can’t wait for next years event with this group.  We all had so much fun!

In closing, take the weight off your shoulders of completing this difficult task of trying to make so many people happy and let it up to a Pro.  A great suggestion is Vynn Credible for your corporate event because I will make your event worth remembering!

Magic Tricks or Magical Entertainment?

How much does a Magic Show cost?

Most people don’t realize that, when talking to a true professional entertainer, this question can be as vague as someone calling a local garage and asking how much it would be to fix their car that won’t run. There are different types of preparation, costs that are involved, and planning that must be done before every different type of show.  Therefore, here is some information to think about before you start your search for that perfect entertainer.

Most people I talk to really have no idea what to expect, but with some key information, together we can create a perfect event for their special occasion.  First of all, how many people will be attending your event?  Believe it or not, it makes a huge difference and this number will help develop what type of show would be best.  For instance, let’s say you are expecting 500 people, there is a cocktail hour before dinner and then time for a show afterwords.  It may be best to have close up magic during the cocktail hour so the crowd will be encouraged to stick around after eating for the entertainment.  Most laymen refer to this as David Blaine magic because of the familiarity of it on TV.

Next, would be the time.  Most kids magic shows are best to kept at 30 to 45 minutes, depending on age, because of attention span and restlessness.   Don’t be afraid to add some balloon twisting after a show, because this is something they can enjoy without sitting still! 🙂  After a family event, when time allows, I’m often asked to add this on as a last minute thought because parents have not thought what they were going to do with all these children in their home!

Finally, and probably least important is the price.  Prices will always vary depending on the entertainer, so ask for references.  In most cases, “you get what you pay for” couldn’t be more true.  I post my references from a source that checks who is sending in that particular testimonial.  Recently, I began video taping them to add even more validity.

Now, to answer the question…Magic Tricks or Magical Entertainment?

While reading my Testimonials, you will notice that everyone of them mention something about how well they were entertained and never mention that all I did was trick them.  This is the biggest compliment I could ever receive.  After all, I am a Magical Entertainer and with my comedic style, it is impossible to leave without a smile on your face.  Everyone wants to be entertained and that is my ultimate goal.

Then name says it…Vynn Credible!

TropStock Kids Comedy Magic Show

Magic Show Poster for Vynn Credible

Pick a Card! Any Card!

Check out this poster about to be plastered all over Brevard to promote the largest Tropical Rock festival of the year featuring Magical Entertainment by the one and only Vynn Credible.

Corporate Comedy Magic at Kimley-Horn & Associates

Kimley-Horn & Associates has been named by FORTUNE Magazine as one of it’s 100 Best Companies to work for and that was easy to see why from all the great people I got to meet this afternoon before, during and after the show.  We were all having so much fun that I didn’t want to do my closing act, however I am glad that I did.  I say this because everyone was laughing so hard that they were almost crying!

This company has a monthly fun event for the employees and I look forward to the next time they ask me to come and entertain.  I was also very impressed with the complex that they had designed and work in. Luckily, I was given a tour of this huge building and got to see this “Green” building and all of it’s cool features, including the flower garden on the roof!

Engagement Party

Engagement Parties can be a lot of fun and this one was definitely a blast.

Pick a card, any card ladies!

Adults tend have a different perception to magic then children, so the approach must be completely different.  In most cases, they may have never seen me perform before or their experience with magic has not been a good one, so they immediately have a turn off to it.  There are a few easy ways to overcome this and get the audience on your side.

1.) I have found it is best to have 2 strong effects already in mind, one to lead in with and finally one to leave them wanting more.  The first trick must be very strong and usually something that happens in their hands that seems totally impossible.  This effect will immediately allow them to forget about reality for a moment and allow the possibility of other magic to just happen.

2.) Finally, finish just as strongly as you started and this will leave them wanting more as you leave to go on to your next group.

3.)  Only do 3 to 5 tricks depending on their length of time and move on.  You want to walk away before they do!

4.) One last idea is always have a few tricks that children like.  Even at Adult events, the children may be in another room hidden away.  Invite them out for for a few minutes to show them some magic.  The parents will follow them into the room you have selected and so will more people as they hear the laughter to see what is going on.  Follow up the children’s tricks with one or two quick stage style tricks that involve a few adults. Thank everyone for having you at the party and explain that you will be looking forward to meeting them all as you walk around to perform close up for them.  Now, many party goers know what you are there to do and since you have already entertained them they will be ready when you walk up to them later.

Have a Magical Day!

Vynn Credible

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