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This may not be the most impressive hat I’ve ever made, but it was exactly what this little boy wanted to match his newly painted face. Magic Mike allowed me the honor of filling in for him last night while he performed at a different gig. He has quite a following that comes to see him each Wednesday from 6 to 8, so if you are in the area you should stop by and see him.  Had a lot of fun last night making a jungle scene complete with Monkeys, Giraffes, Elephants, Sharks and Parrots too.

Cocoa Beach Slo-N-Lo

Balloon Jester Hat

Come see what Extreme Balloon Twisting is all about and check out Vynn Credible at my next event.  Speaking of which, that will be tomorrow night at the Living Bread Fall Fest 1801 S. Orlando Ave Cocoa Beach from 6 to 7:45.  I will be joined by my extreme twisting side kick Rhino!  This event will be off the chart. Stay tuned as pictures will follow!

Spiderman Spotted at Cape Canaveral Chili Cook Off!

Vynn Credible & Velvet Rhino Entertain with Extreme Balloon Twisting!

Today I teamed up with the Velvet Rhino and we crushed it with balloons of all shapes and sizes. I even revealed my secret superhero identity.


Super Hero Hat

Vynn Credible Revealed his Secret Identity


We were under the big top at this windy event today, but that wasn’t enough to keep the lines from forming as we quickly adorned the heads of young and old with everything from Super Hero Hats to Alligators and Rhino’s new specialty, the giant fake nose and glasses.  I laugh every time he makes, especially when he makes it with the mustache and pretends to rub the ends as he handle bars it.


Velvet Rhino's Oversized Glasses and Nose with Mustache

Velvet Rhino's Oversized Glasses and Nose with Mustache


Anyway, we had a great time before we had to part ways and head in separate directions for private parties.  Tinkerbell was more popular than Super Hero hats at this 4 year old’s birthday party in Fox Lake Park in Titusville. That place is beginning to be a regular stomping ground for me as I’ve done parties there every month for the last few months.  It’s a beautiful park with plenty of shade, lots of parking and many different size pavilions to fit any number of guests. I highly suggest checking it out if this is in your area.

Halloween Balloon Twisting Party in Florida

It may be time for a change if bobbing for apples and sticking your had in a bag of grapes and spaghetti just doesn’t entertain your Halloween guests anymore and you are trying to find ways to make your Halloween party a memorable event. Hiring an extreme balloon artist is the new craze and if you think that a one balloon animal is what balloon twisting is all about then you have another thing coming. Check out this 21 balloon skeleton creation that I made this afternoon. This received a 3 Screams out of 3 as all of my daughters went crazy when they saw this. In fact, 2 of them left their bikes in the middle of the driveway when they came running over to get their picture taken with “Skully” and me as I walked out of the house!  Notice how they haven’t even taken off their helmets.    🙂

Skully the Skeleton

21 Balloon Skeleton

If this is the type of excitement you would like your guests to have, then call me so we can design the type of program that you would need to fulfill your events. I have a team of Extreme Balloon Artists that can fulfill any size event. Scary balloon decor, large balloon creatures and multi-balloon creations of all shapes and sizes or balloon arches, balloon dresses and even large full scale motorcycles and cars that people can fit inside for original photo opportunities.

Full Size Balloon Motorcycle

Balloon Motocycle Creates Buzz!!


I have searched the web high and low for some help on making a full size motorcycle out of balloons. However, there is nothing. There is one high speed video of Barak Daran on every video blog site out there, however he really doesn’t show you how to make it like the title claims. The video is only 1 minute and 6 seconds. It did inspire me to give it try though.

Balloon Chopper

I don’t have a little stool yet and I like the idea that making it around the stool would allow for people to actually sit on the motorcycle and have their picture taken. Next time, I will add fenders which would add some more color to it. This was more of prototype that was made out of Qualatex 260s. Next time I will make most of the frame and back wheel out of 350s. That just means that the bike will be a bit larger. Now that I know how I will make the bike, I can’t wait to get the bigger balloons and make this monster.


Vynn Credible's Motorcycle Design

What I have in mind is to get sponsored by a motorcycle shop to come in and build one of these in the middle of their showroom floor. As a dealer, I feel that you will get more bang for your buck than an expensive newspaper add because the local paper will pick up on this original idea and snap pictures of your shop and the crowd gathering to watch.

The bike is quite large already and will be life like in size with the addition of the larger framework that I have planned, along with the stool to allow patrons and future patrons to sit for photos. Also, for a slightly increased fee you will also be able to have another member of my balloon team twisting balloons for the kids to take home after watching this event.

Book me soon as Daytona Bike Week is right around the corner. Biketober Fest will be very original with people coming to the motorcycle shop with Vynn Credible designing your very own Balloon Work of Art!

When planning a party there are many things that we know you must take into account when trying to prepare that perfect event. For instance, making sure we have the cake and ice cream ready, party favors at the ready and games ready to play are some that we often think of first. What I would like to like to remind you about are the often overlooked ones that can really throw  a wrench into your whole time table if you would happen to forget them.

Birthday Wish

5. Scheduled time the Entertainer will appear should be approximately 1 hour after the party starts. This will account for late arrivals to your party and take away the stop in the show or the entertainment.

4. Have a list ready with someone who will write down each present as it is opened and the persons name who brought the gift. This makes the whole Thank You process easy the next day when you are trying to remember who brought what and the generic Thank You for the gift thank you that is sent out when you forget who did what.

3. Remember when hiring a balloon twister, account for 5 to 7 minutes per child of time that you will need the twister for and then add on another 30 minutes to an hour (depending on party size) for balloon surgery or replacement or wounded or KIA balloon creations.  In other words, if you are having the average size  party of 10-15 kids, then an hour and a half to 2 hours should be the time allotted for a good twister.  Maybe a little longer for one with advanced creations.

2. Have all pets safely kept away in another room if the balloon twisting will be inside.  Many kids running around with these balloon creations could scare them and animal versus balloon always results in animal winning that popping contest.  You won’t want your new puppy eating latex and getting sick or worse.

1.  Give yourself enough time after the party to relax. You deserve it! After all, you just had Vynn Credible dazzle your guests and they all left happy, so why should you get to take some well deserved rest!

Have a great event and see you soon!

Event Planner Makes Simple Math Mistake!

If you are in charge of planning the entertainment for your next large event, don’t let simple math get in the way. All too often event organizers will call me or one of my colleagues and request a price for one balloon twister at a large outdoor gathering, which is expecting hundreds of kids. Remember when you were in school and you read a word problem like this:

The expected attendance at the Hometown 4th of July event will be 300 people. 50 percent of those attending will be children expecting to get a balloon animal or adults with a fun sense of humor which would like to get a balloon. If a balloon twister averages making a balloon creation every 5 minutes for 4 hours, how many people will he be able to make happy?

No matter how you slice it, the answer is simple…NOT ENOUGH! Therefore, before trimming the entertainment budget and hiring only one balloon twister, double the pleasure and double the fun with at least 2!  You want people to talk about how much fun they had and not how much fun they could have had.

Seriously though, the answer is an easy choice.  Ask for a demo video of the creations that your twister makes. Are these all one or two balloon creations?  As fun as balloon swords and balloon flowers can be, let’s be real…it’s going to be a lot more entertaining to see people walking around with a Fire Breathing Dragon Balloon Mask, a Giant Palm Tree with a Monkey on it or a life like Giraffe Hat on a smiling kid or someone who is a kid at heart.  Trust me, I know. I see the difference and hear the difference from every onlooker that I meet.

I train with the best balloon artists in the area and we have formed an inner circle of greatness. So, if you would like to make your next outing really STAND OUT and I know you will, call Vynn Credible and his Amazing Friends to come out and astonish you with our feats of twistology!

Tinkerbell ready to hit the town

All dressed up and plenty of places to go, at least that is the motto for this weekend. Got a few balloon gigs to attend this weekend. One will be at Chillis on Friday then the next one will be at the Brevard County Manatees Basball stadium on Saturday and then Vynn Credible will be making a very special appearance for a birthday party on Sunday.

First I would like to announce the arrival of a Tinkerbell-like Fairy. I have been working on a few different new balloons for the girls. Here is the first one.

New Balloon Creation for this weekend

Next is a mermaid that lives under the sea. You will have to click the link to see the video. No big fancy YouTube box to click on here. Enjoy though as I know you will!


Parties are customized to fit your interests!

The first gathering of the Balloon Ninjas took place last Thursday at Applebees in Melbourne. We are a bunch of friends that enjoy twisting unique creations for special events or entertainment. These are not your typical one or two balloon animals and Yes I can make a bicycle! Ok, I get it, you saw Party Crashers. HA Ha Ha…. leave the jokes up to me. Trust me, it’s funnier that way.

The Velvet Rhino, Brocko the Clown (not the scary kind…unless you are scared of tiny people, sorry Brocko I couldn’t resist) and I had a jam session showing each other the new creations we were working on. Although we had asked to sit in the back in a secluded corner, it didn’t take long for the masses to find us. Being no stranger to crowds, it was no bother. In fact, quite it became very enjoyable since we didn’t have to bring anything home or throw anything away. The servers were all convinced that the management should make us a regular gig, as the crowd waiting to sing karaoke came to see us first for balloon creations that they could wear. From giant elephant head hats, to large bat wings and then a giraffe that attached at a man’s waist to appear he was riding it, we were creating some very unique balloon sculptures.

I have no idea where the 1980s Valley Girl accent came from all of a sudden. The only thing I can come up with is that the sheer enjoyment of getting a balloon took her back to her youth for a quick moment. Whatever the case may be, I never heard her speak like that again the rest of the night. The blonde waitress behind her wore a butterly in her hair the whole night courtesy of my sidekick the Velvet Rhino and the little boy in the red shirt got a Spiderman style superhero complete with web. I’m going to need to remember a tripod or bring a friend that doesn’t twist who can run the camera. Between blowing and twisting multiple balloons, I started to forget about taking pictures.

Stayed tuned and catch you sometime soon at a local venue where you will get your very own special balloon sculpture. Start thinking what you want now so you won’t ask for a sword!

Vynn Credible Magic Show Clips

Just a few short clips from the Vynn Credible magic show, however the real good stuff has been kept out to show at your next party. Booking Vynn Credible is easy and we now accept credit cards to reserve your show date.

Tonight’s Creation is Nemo!

Balloon twisting has been a lot of fun for me.  Lately, I have been getting a lot of requests and my clients can’t believe the results. In fact, this past weekend at the Grand Opening for Holmes Regional Hospital in Viera, I was asked to stay longer then was originally contracted.  Luckily, this was one of the days that I didn’t have another show to run off too, so I stuck around.   There were thousands of people that turned out for the hospital tour and it was a typically beautiful Florida spring day hitting almost 90 degrees.

Orlando Magic Fan Also Likes Monkeys in Palm Trees with Bananas!

Everybody was styling their summer clothes and most were showing their support for the Orlando Magic Basketball Team.  This next picture was no exception.  He wanted a zany hat that captured his excitement for his favorite team. Of course, I was all too happy to make him this crazy creation. Hours later, he was still wearing it and I was able to get a snap shot of him.

Orlando Magic Super Fan!

The last picture I will leave you with is a little something that I was working on tonight. This is a hat with a little bit of the sea attached. I know it sounds crazy but the twisted sandy base is the hat part and then a very famous clown fish is hiding between some seaweed as bubbles are seen escaping above his head.  Tune in next time to see what will be next!

Nemo hides in the seaweed.

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