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Balloon Arches and Balloon Decor

When planning a special event it’s good to know you have choices.  For instance, recently I was contacted to have balloon decor done for an upcoming wedding and once I had an idea of the colors for the wedding and knew that one of the items needed was a balloon arch, then I was able to give choices. You may think that if there are 3 colors, how many choices can there be.  Actually there are quite a few but I try to give at least four. Here are just some choices of patterns for a balloon arch.

Now you can see with this first one, the chosen colors are stripped with the ivory accented between each row of lime green and purple passion.  Seems simple enough right?

But what if you were a real purple passion and wanted to double up? Well that can also be done, but without the option, you may never have know you could do it this way.

My preference is could be more ivory the better and really make the ivory stand out since this is a wedding.

Or like this bride, she only wanted the ivory as an accent. Either way, my point is I will give options because I have the tools to do the job right, quickly and professionally. I don’t blow the balloons up inside a box to measure them. We have special equipment measuring the pressure and timing the air down to a tenth of a second to make all the balloons the same size and give your event that special touch.

Congratulations on your special day! Trust your special day to a professional.

Giant Balloon Arch Decor welcomes guests to any business or event and puts the exclamation point on a party atmosphere!  BJ’s Warehouse Club knows this and they use

BJ's Rings in the 4th of July with Colorful Balloon Arches

Vynn Credible and Scott Barhold of Dynamite Balloon Creations to provide this type of WOW Factor for their events. We are able to work quickly and professionally since we have all the right equipment to do the job right. Our quotes are sent out quickly and even provide pictures of what to expect with options so that you are able to pick exactly what you would like to have.

We drove to the location in Orlando and worked our way back home because we knew it would be a long night and since we had to wait til the Club closed to begin, it would be a short night of sleep.  We didn’t realize just how short until 4:30AM.

Waterford Lakes in Orlando is a great location with a fantastic balloon arch. We started getting everything together so that at 9PM we were ready to rock and get these balloons

Scott Barhold clinging for his life to the forklift of death

twisted into the chosen pattern.  Scott had fun riding the forklift up to the ceiling to connect the safety restraint.  Well, actually I should say that we had fun watching him ride the forklift to the ceiling in extreme terror.  It didn’t look that high from where we were standing, but from his point of view you would have thought he was placing the steeple on the Eiffel Tower.  I must applaud his bravery, though, because he did take the ride at all three BJ’s Clubs that night.   Before I go patting ourselves on the back too much for what a great job we did, I want to take a moment to thank our brave assistant Theresa who braved the night running balloons from the inflation station to the ladder that I was clinging onto and tying balloons from as I experienced my own vertigo! 🙂  Thanks again for all your help!

Next we rolled on back to Melbourne for a quick bite to eat then over to our biggest undertaking of the night.  This arch was nearly 50 feet of balloons stretching over the widest front door opening of any of the BJ’s Clubs we were at that night.  Upon


completion of this monster, the best line of the night came from Scott as he did his best Jack Black imitation repeating, “I GIVE YOU KONG!”  This monstrosity stretched so far that the produce had to be moved out of the way so that we had a place to put the left side column.  This was not a measuring mistake but rather the requested anchor points from the GM so, of course, we complied.  The bigger the better as they say and we love making the biggest and coolest displays we can. In fact, every time we make a creation our sick minds are coming up with new and exciting ways to make other displays the next time.  We love a good challenge and the welcome the opportunity to shine at any event!

By 4:30 AM I was sacked out in my bed because we had run out of supplies for the night.  We ran out of supplies because everyone changed their minds as to the size of arch they

Scott and Stephanie pose after we complete the arch

originally ordered.  At 7AM we could get the needed supplies  for the last balloon arch in Merritt Island, so this meant that we could get an hour and a half of sleep before finishing up the job.  The store opened and 9AM and the arch had to be complete before the members arrived at the club.

Stephanie was a huge part of our success in meeting our goal as she was our runner on this project.  Scott has an awesome crew of daughters that are always ready to spend some Daddy Time with him and lend a hand.  They are a special bunch of girls that you just don’t get to meet everyday.  It makes me think of how my girls will be such great helpers as they grow up like his.  Now that I think about it, with all these helpers, we need to get more gigs!  Therefore, call and book your event today!  Let us know what colors you prefer and area dimensions you are looking to fill for the most accurate quote and we will send you four different options with pictures of each to allow you to choose the one the you like before it is even built.