The first gathering of the Balloon Ninjas took place last Thursday at Applebees in Melbourne. We are a bunch of friends that enjoy twisting unique creations for special events or entertainment. These are not your typical one or two balloon animals and Yes I can make a bicycle! Ok, I get it, you saw Party Crashers. HA Ha Ha…. leave the jokes up to me. Trust me, it’s funnier that way.

The Velvet Rhino, Brocko the Clown (not the scary kind…unless you are scared of tiny people, sorry Brocko I couldn’t resist) and I had a jam session showing each other the new creations we were working on. Although we had asked to sit in the back in a secluded corner, it didn’t take long for the masses to find us. Being no stranger to crowds, it was no bother. In fact, quite it became very enjoyable since we didn’t have to bring anything home or throw anything away. The servers were all convinced that the management should make us a regular gig, as the crowd waiting to sing karaoke came to see us first for balloon creations that they could wear. From giant elephant head hats, to large bat wings and then a giraffe that attached at a man’s waist to appear he was riding it, we were creating some very unique balloon sculptures.

I have no idea where the 1980s Valley Girl accent came from all of a sudden. The only thing I can come up with is that the sheer enjoyment of getting a balloon took her back to her youth for a quick moment. Whatever the case may be, I never heard her speak like that again the rest of the night. The blonde waitress behind her wore a butterly in her hair the whole night courtesy of my sidekick the Velvet Rhino and the little boy in the red shirt got a Spiderman style superhero complete with web. I’m going to need to remember a tripod or bring a friend that doesn’t twist who can run the camera. Between blowing and twisting multiple balloons, I started to forget about taking pictures.

Stayed tuned and catch you sometime soon at a local venue where you will get your very own special balloon sculpture. Start thinking what you want now so you won’t ask for a sword!

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