When planning a special event it’s good to know you have choices.  For instance, recently I was contacted to have balloon decor done for an upcoming wedding and once I had an idea of the colors for the wedding and knew that one of the items needed was a balloon arch, then I was able to give choices. You may think that if there are 3 colors, how many choices can there be.  Actually there are quite a few but I try to give at least four. Here are just some choices of patterns for a balloon arch.

Now you can see with this first one, the chosen colors are stripped with the ivory accented between each row of lime green and purple passion.  Seems simple enough right?

But what if you were a real purple passion and wanted to double up? Well that can also be done, but without the option, you may never have know you could do it this way.

My preference is could be more ivory the better and really make the ivory stand out since this is a wedding.

Or like this bride, she only wanted the ivory as an accent. Either way, my point is I will give options because I have the tools to do the job right, quickly and professionally. I don’t blow the balloons up inside a box to measure them. We have special equipment measuring the pressure and timing the air down to a tenth of a second to make all the balloons the same size and give your event that special touch.

Congratulations on your special day! Trust your special day to a professional.

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