It’s not what you think!  Kids aren’t the only ones that enjoy being entertained by a magician.  More and more adults are adding the Magical Entertainment of Vynn Credible to their event and the guests have a more memorable experience.  Saturday evening will be an exciting Engagement Party for 75 guests of the bride and groom to be and I have some amazing plans.  Just in case they are checking in on me, I don’t want to spoil it by giving away too much so watch for my posts on Sunday!

Recently though, I got to enjoy a baseball game from the VIP suites in the stadium.  Ameriprise Financial spiced up their exciting commodities and futures presentation by allowing me to warm up the room with my special corporate magic.   Their presentation was actually pretty cool as well.  I learned what a handful of those signals mean that the traders are using on the floor on Wall Street when you see those shots on TV.  It was amazing to see how fast he could rattle them off.  I bet he would have made one heck of a 3rd base coach!

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