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Full Size Balloon Motorcycle

Balloon Motocycle Creates Buzz!!


I have searched the web high and low for some help on making a full size motorcycle out of balloons. However, there is nothing. There is one high speed video of Barak Daran on every video blog site out there, however he really doesn’t show you how to make it like the title claims. The video is only 1 minute and 6 seconds. It did inspire me to give it try though.

Balloon Chopper

I don’t have a little stool yet and I like the idea that making it around the stool would allow for people to actually sit on the motorcycle and have their picture taken. Next time, I will add fenders which would add some more color to it. This was more of prototype that was made out of Qualatex 260s. Next time I will make most of the frame and back wheel out of 350s. That just means that the bike will be a bit larger. Now that I know how I will make the bike, I can’t wait to get the bigger balloons and make this monster.


Vynn Credible's Motorcycle Design

What I have in mind is to get sponsored by a motorcycle shop to come in and build one of these in the middle of their showroom floor. As a dealer, I feel that you will get more bang for your buck than an expensive newspaper add because the local paper will pick up on this original idea and snap pictures of your shop and the crowd gathering to watch.

The bike is quite large already and will be life like in size with the addition of the larger framework that I have planned, along with the stool to allow patrons and future patrons to sit for photos. Also, for a slightly increased fee you will also be able to have another member of my balloon team twisting balloons for the kids to take home after watching this event.

Book me soon as Daytona Bike Week is right around the corner. Biketober Fest will be very original with people coming to the motorcycle shop with Vynn Credible designing your very own Balloon Work of Art!

Happy 1st Birthday AJ

I wanted to send a huge thanks out to AJ who honored with by allowing me to perform at his birthday party. The best part was when he helped me turn his Dad into a rabbit! The best part for me was the interaction from the children. They were all outstanding, great helpers and of course excellent assistants. Each and everyone of them will enjoy their magic trick that they received and with adult supervision, they can watch the video explanation of how to do their magic trick that they all received.

Father & Son at 1st birthday!

Great food, outstanding music and of course fabulous entertainment. Everyone laughed and had a great time, even Andy.

Contagious Laughter

Next year we will bring in the big cooling fans from the NFL games! If you were there then you know what I mean. It was 97 degrees with a “feel like” temperature of 110! I felt like jumping in Lake Washington but decided that I would just wait to get home and jump in my pool. This was a hot weekend, however I had a great time and would like to thank all of you that attended. Don’t forget to click on the side of this page and rate my performance at your party. Thanks and see you next year!

Birthdays, Bikinis, Balloons and Palm Trees

Everyone had fun at this party from the young to old and everyone in between. The giant water slide kept everyone cool and I made them all look cool. We had plenty of balloon hats from elephants, monkeys, giraffes, princesses, super heros, villains, and this unique invention that was dreamed up on the spur of the moment. They wanted a hat that would connect them all together, so I suggested that they each be part of the base of a palm tree that would interconnect them all.

Private Balloon Island for these Swimmers to Share!

As you can see they were all great tree anchors! It was especially fun watching them try to walk around after being connected. They actually did quite well and I was impressed.