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End of Summer Blow Out!

The top 5 Reasons to Party in the last 6 months of the year

1. Christmas

2. Halloween

3. End of Summer/Back to School

4. Labor Day

5. Thanksgiving

This is a reminder that we are heading into the last 6 months of the year which are the busiest months of the year for the best entertainers in the business.  I’m sure that you won’t want to settle for what’s left so book now and put that worry to rest.

From family shows that are at home or corporate and business holiday events, there is a show for everyone. Custom shows for special Sweet 16 parties, graduations, business engagements as well as strolling magic and balloon decor can be customized for each individual event.

Plan early and book often! See you soon!

Elvis Should Leave the Building

Sometimes you just can’t pass up a great deal. Two for the price of one is a great deal. Half price Wednesdays are a good deal. 10 cent wings are an outstanding deal. 5 dent drafts are a dangerous deal!  Heck I used to drive miles when I was in college and knew exactly where to go every night of the week  just to find these deals on food and drinks. When it comes to entertainment though…Beware of the Deals!  Simple reason for this is that you get what you pay for, and that is exactly what happened when the Super Flea in Melbourne hired this act….Flea Market Elvis or Flelvis as his faithful fan calls him. All kidding aside, the point is, knowing what you are paying for ahead of time can sometimes be difficult especially when hiring a live performer. Check out the videos they have to post and see if this is what you would like at your event. Pay close attention to how the audience is reacting or not reacting and imagine this being your event. If this is the reaction you are looking for then you are probably choosing the right entertainer. Watch the audience in the video below to see what I am referring too. Good luck, have fun and I’ll see you at your next successful event!

Balloons for a 95th Birthday Party!

Happy Birthday Cooie!

Every now and again someone says they are too old for balloons.  Can someone really be too old for balloons or too mature for a balloon?  The only thing I can figure is they need to get the extra starch out of their briefs and let themselves have some fun.  Recently,  I made balloons for a 95th Birthday Party!  So, I guess everybody under 95 is still eligible for balloons until I get someone asking for a balloon that is over the age of 95!

Monkey on Palm Tree for 95 year old!

Your never too old to have Fun

Balloon Creations for All Events!

So the next time you see your local balloon twister, stop by his booth, wave him over to your table, call him up and book him for your own home party or most importantly remember…you are never too old to have fun.  Just because you are too old to be considered a kid doesn’t mean you still can’t be a kid a heart.