Creative Memories for a Special Event

A Magic Rabbit


 Your special event is something you will want to remember for many years to come.  Let’s be honest, that commercial with the kid jumping into the pool that complains about the picture being stuck in his mom’s camera forever is too real for many of us.  The solution is not to just get a bigger memory card, but to get to know a photo solutions expert.

I have teamed up with an expert in this field named Amy who turns your magic show by Vynn Credible into a keepsake that you will not only cherrish for years to come, but will be showing everyone you know.

I have posted a few examples from my latest show that she turned into a fantastic work of art.  She really takes pride in her work and has offered a very special add-on price to any show.  Please don’t forget to mention when booking your event that you would like to also get the Vynn Credible Photo Book keepsake.  Even if you have already had your show, you can still order this book.  

Lots of Audience Particiapation and Fun!

She has taken all the hard work out of your hands.   Here is the process if you have not had your show yet.  Mention you would like to get the add on photo book, Vynn Credible will give the person you designate as your photo taker with a list of pre-determined shots to make your book look the best. 

 After the show, burn those pictures to a disk and I will hand deliver it to Amy, withing 2 to 3 weeks you will have a personalized photo book with your special memories captured in print.   Now, take it and show off to all your friends!

I encourage you to also visit Amy’s web page to see all the other cool things she has to offer.